The Fair Deal Scheme is one of the most outstanding healthcare policies on the globe today directed towards the aging population. Soon after its introduction in 2009, Ireland was ranked one of the top best places to grow old in. According to 2019 statistics, the Fair Deal Scheme had more than 23,000 beneficiaries under long-term residential care and a budget of €986.8 million.

The increasing number of the aging population, coupled with the elderly under care living longer than anticipated have led to a couple of budget issues for the program. Late last year, the Department of Health, led by Jim Daly, had to rally for additional funding to cover a projected deficit of €17 million for that year’s budget. These budget challenges have led to a debate on whether the scheme is worth its high-cost. Here is an insight into how the Fair Deal Scheme helps the aging population.

  • Reduces The End-Of-Life Care Financial Burden

    Medical care is expensive, and even more so when you are dealing with numerous ailments that come with age. Most of the aging population found it tough to cover their end-of-life care expenses before the introduction of this scheme. As a result, most did not seek this care and suffered or even died prematurely from manageable ailments. The Fair Deal Scheme subsidizes the cost of this care, thus reducing the financial burden for the elderly, allowing more of them to access it.

  • Increases their Life Span

    Close to 80% of the elderly in private nursing homes are beneficiaries of the Fair Deal Scheme. Most of these private nursing homes do provide specialized care as part of their end-of-life care. Access to this specialized care has allowed most of the elderly to live longer than they would have if they were at home. When you are almost nearing the end of your life, you will for sure appreciate every day that you are alive, won’t you?

  • Enables Socialization

    Previously, being elderly was quite a lonely life. It’s challenging for the aging population to have a social life due to the many challenges they face. Thanks to the Fair Deal Scheme, going to a nursing care facility gives them a chance to interact with each other and build a social life. Everyone has close to 8 decades of stories and experiences to share.

  • Provides Access to Specialized Care

    This scheme helps the aging population by providing them with specialized care that they would otherwise not have. This specialized care goes a long way in making life much easier for the aging population.

  • Provides Them with Peace of Mind

    The aging population gets peace of mind from knowing all is well thanks to the Fair Deal Scheme. Previously, they were subject to worries about how they will finance their end-of-life care and the burden the care might put on their loved ones. Now, all of the worries are gone, and they focus on making the most of their last days.

The Fair Deal Scheme is a blessing for the elderly and their families. You don’t know about the future, but you would appreciate knowing that if you are lucky to live long, all will be well.

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