When the cold winter months roll around, it’s important to be prepared. This holds especially true for seniors who have a harder time overcoming illnesses than younger individuals. Here are some helpful tips that seniors can utilize to fight the common cold.

Get Your Flu Shot

As you age, getting your flu shot becomes more important than ever before. This is the standard protocol to protect your body from influenza that could turn dangerous. Your family physician can provide you with a flu shot this winter season. If you don’t have a regular physician that you go to, these flu shots are typically available at your local pharmacy.

Prepare Your Home

Since you’re likely retired, spending time at home has become more of a habit for you. For this reason, you must take the time to prepare your home for the winter months. Some great preparation steps include making sure your home is properly insulated, which can include getting Andersen replacement windows, installing weather stripping doors, putting in new ventilation filters, and having your home heating system tuned up by your local HVAC professional.

Have an Adequate Supply of Clothing

Before the weather gets too cold, it’s a good idea to consider upgrading your wardrobe. You want to get items that will protect your skin from the cold weather. Great options are wool and heavy cotton materials. Realize that as you age, your ability to feel the cold takes longer. This means that your body temperature could drop to very low levels before you’re able to feel it. Having the right clothing to wear can assist you in ensuring that your body is properly taken care of when it’s cold outside.

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Grab a Cane or Walker

If you’re not too steady on your feet, it’s a great idea to consider having a cane or walker handy. Even if you only have trouble sometimes, one of these walking assistance aids can be a great idea. You should consider having a cane by the door and in your car. This way, you can easily grab it when you go outside. This can drastically reduce your risk of falling due to ice, snow, and other wintertime weather hazards.

The common cold can be an especially dangerous condition for senior citizens. As the body’s ability to fight infection is decreased, you’ll want to do everything within your power to reduce your risk of getting this viral infection. Also, you’ll want to prepare for the winter months with the right equipment to ensure that you reduce your risk of any sort of wintertime injury.