How Technology Has Impacted Medical Laboratories TodayTechnology has transformed every aspect of our lives, but few fields of endeavor have undergone as much positive change as medical laboratory science. Technological advances in the fields of robotics and data analysis systems have paved the way for the incredible transformations we have seen in medical laboratories around the world. These changes have led to an urgent need for knowledgeable and highly qualified medical laboratory technicians in medical research institutions and medical treatment facilities across the country.

Advances In Robotics

Laboratory science has always been a detail oriented process which has meant that achievement of desired research goals has always required thousands of hours of intensive preparation. Today, medical laboratories are benefiting from the use of robotic systems in every area of medical endeavor. Medical robotics systems integrate state of the art robotics with computer based information processing systems, allowing technicians to do their work with incredible speed and accuracy.

Computerized Data Analysis

High tech information systems have given medical laboratories the ability to process large amounts of data incredibly quickly. A perfect example of the incredible advantages provided to medical researchers by computer based data analysis systems is the Human Genome Project. The original government estimate for the completion of the Human Genome Project was that it would take over 14 years to complete. However, through the use of robotics to prepare samples and high speed computers to analyze the data produced, the project was completed much sooner. This is just one example of the incredible technological advances that have been made in the area of medical laboratory science in the recent past.

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The Internet And Cloud Computing

The Human Genome Project completed its work so quickly because of the ability of rival teams of scientists to share their information using the Internet. Today, people from all around the world can go online and explore the Human Genome. The Internet has also revolutionized the way medical laboratories share information with doctors and hospitals who send patients in for tests. The use of the Internet and cloud computing solutions have made it possible for medical laboratories to report test results faster than ever before, with many medical centers even posting the results on private online servers which patients can log into and view their test results without having to pay for a doctor’s visit.

Opportunities In Medical Laboratory Science

While it is true that technology has revolutionized medical laboratory science, automation has certainly not made medical lab technicians obsolete. The long term career outlook for people holding a medical technology degree online is actually extremely positive. The BLS, or Bureau of Labor Statistics, has projected that the need for medical laboratory technicians will only continue to increase, offering high wage careers in hospitals, medical laboratories and medical research facilities to candidates with Medical Laboratory Science degrees. Whether you are interested in working in a research lab or a treatment facility, you are sure to find a well-paying career in the field of medical laboratory science.