Skin TypeThere are seven billion people in the world; not all are the same, all has some kind of diversity in their skin type. Some has oil skin; some has dry, combination, normal or sensitive skin, so obviously different products are made to match all of these skin types. You just have to figure out which skin type you belong to and then you should use the products accordingly.

Asses your skin type, oily skin usually tends to have acne, grease and a lot of open pores on the face. Now the oily skin tends to be the messiest and requires proper care. They can be tackled by heavy cleanser, and toner is a must to close those big pores, but in oily skin you have to be careful about the amount of moisturizer you are applying. Use water based moisturizers and light moisturizer since your skin is already oily. Also matte foundations along with oil absorbing powders should be used.

People having a normal skin type usually do not have oil or any other condition on their skin, hence the name ‘normal’. This is the easiest of skin type. They can use almost any skin product without any problem.

Dry skin is can be a bit flaky. You may observe dry patches on your skin on winters and after some cleansing you may feel a tight sensation on your skin. People with dry skin types should refrain from heavy cleansing; they should opt for a lighter cleanser which goes easy on their already dry skin. Dry skin needs hydration so it need lot of moisturizing, so invest in a good moisturizing. Foundations which are made for dry skin should be used preferably and setting it with powder is not a necessity but a choice.

Then there is a combination of Skin Products. This skin type is the trickiest because it is a combination of dry and oily skin. Usually people with a combination skin type have a bit of grease on the T zone of the face. It is better to cleanse your face with a light cleanser but use more on the T zone. Also use a toner specifically on the T zone and use a light moisturizer on that area and a bit more on the surrounding area.

Last but not the least is the sensitive skin type. This skin type can be sensitive to any ingredient present on the products you use, so look for them carefully because they can have allergic reactions. If you are searching for cellulite treatment so we recommends you Truth about Cellulite because this is a specific product made for sensitive skin types like so it’s always better to use. But if you use a product and your skin becomes red or irritated discontinue using it completely. So try assessing your skin type correctly, test some products on it, and always start by purchasing the small bottles so you can see how well it suits your skin, when you are completely satisfied by it then go out and buy the appropriate product. Always remember less is more to keep your skin flawless and health. For any help feel free to ask the experts.