There is no comfort that matches your own home, and for this reason, it can be quite a challenge trying to convince the elderly to leave their sweet home and move to a care home. But as we all know, we will not be young and energetic forever. A time will come when age will catch up and mess with your ability to do things.

So, if you feel that that time has come when your parents will need extra care and attention as they advance in age, it is best that you find them a good care home. Well, that might be easy because there are hundreds of care homes around the country. However, you will need to convince your parents that they will be safer in a care home than they would be in a place they’ve called home for years.

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A great majority of the older folks think that care homes are a place that old people are forced into because family members want to abandon them. In fact, most of them will tell that care homes are not an option for them because they feel that they will no longer have the freedom to do things by their terms. Others complain that taking them to a care home is putting them a step closer to their death.

On the contrary, believe it when I say that care homes are the best facilities for the elderly and the sick. As a matter of fact, the services, the amenities and the luxury available in these facilities make new care home in Edinburgh a home away from home. With that said, this post is meant to give a heads up and make the convincing process a little less hectic. So, (please) keep reading…

  • Take them on a tour to some of the best homes – like the saying goes, ‘Seeing is believing’. So, in your process of convincing your lovely parents that they should consider a care home, see if they are willing to take a tour with you. before you can talk them into taking a tour with you, ensure that you have a list of the best care homes within your area. Do research first and get several options that you know are the best before you request to take them for a tour.
  • Give them an example of friends or other family members who are living happily in a care home – the fact that there are people you know who are already living their lives in a care home (maybe friends to your parents); this might be a good start for you. Convincing them that they will be okay in the same center as their friends will also be great.
  • Stress on the safety aspects – now that your parents can barely take care of themselves let alone each other, it is high time that you stressed that a care home is the safest place for them.
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After all the convincing, give them time. Let it all sink in and then revisit the issue after a few days. All in all, always be kind and sensitive to your parents.