How to Cure and Prevent Dry Hair

When people have dry hair, they feel that the hairs are screaming for a refreshing and cold drink. Your hair can become dry because of various reasons that include taking hot showers and using styling tools such as flat irons and blow dryers. Even the individual hair texture can also result in dry hair in some cases. There is a huge selection of products available from treatments to conditioners that can be applied for remedying this widespread problem. Not only will your hair feel good if you pamper your hair, but you will also be able to have shiny and gorgeous locks.

Here are some of the things that you can do to cure and prevent dry hair in the future :

Basic Conditioner

According to myth, your hair is weighed down because of conditioners, but this simply isn’t true. Every time you wash your hair, it is essential to replenish it with moisture because the natural oils of the hair are washed away during the process of cleansing. Moisture levels can be restored in the hair when people condition after every shampoo and this will also give them a healthy sheen. It is best to choose a conditioner that has been especially formulated for dry hair and allow it to stay in your hair for a minute or two before you rinse it.

Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioning should be made a part of the hair care routine and should be practiced at least once on a weekly basis. An emollient and rich conditioner will be thicker and different than the everyday basic variety available. After shampooing, dry your hair with a towel. The deep conditioner should be left on the hair for about thirty minutes or it can be longer if desired by people. There are some conditioners that can be left applied overnight. Use a shower cap for wrapping your hair. Your hair will be able to take advantage of the conditioner fully because of heat from the scalp.

Extra Treatments

If you have the habit of spending a lot of time under the sun, your hair might become sunburnt. Therefore, as a precaution, a sunscreen that’s especially made for the tresses should be applied beforehand. Usually, this type of sunscreen comes in mist form and people have to spray it on their hair before they step out. An overnight treatment can also be performed on the hair with avocado or coconut oil. The ends of the hair can be applied with these oils for sealing the cuticle, taming the frizz and for moisturizing. However, these oils should only be used sparingly.

Changing Hair Care Habits

Hair care habits can also lead to very dry hair. The hair can look beautiful with tools like curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons, but the results are anything but desirable when these tools are used in abundance. Also, shampooing too often can reduce hair moisture so it should be avoided as well. Extra hot showers are also not recommended because very hot water also dries up hair.