You love fitness; pushing others to achieve their health goals, and that’s why you want to pursue fitness training as your career choice. Well, that’s great.

Even though you have done an incredible amount of unofficial training over the years, in order to make money as a personal trainer, you must be certified. Sign up for a personal training course and improve your current skill set.

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If you want to increase your earning potential as a personal trainer, there’s a lot more you can do.

Create And Sell Different Membership Models 

How are you planning to curate memberships plans?

According to the best academy of gym instructor courses in Birmingham, 15 or 25 classes sessions don’t bring enough money to your bank. Therefore, you need to create and sell different membership models.

Instead of selling the same product every month, consider offering your clients quarterly, biannually or annually membership plans. Not only will this help you attain loyal clients but also get you a great deal of money.

NOTE: Ensure you offer great discounts to people opting your annual plan. However, that doesn’t mean you ignore the other clients you have. To keep your clients coming back for more, you should entice them from time to time.

Include Fitness At Home Training Courses 

We get that you have already visualised about opening your own gym, spending hours at the facility training people and helping them become fit. But does that visual include in-home personal training?

If not, you must seriously consider offering personal training at home. Trust us when we say this, your clientele will double, triple, or maybe more.

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Due to busy everyday schedules, most people prefer working out in the comfort of their own home. And since you will get to sustain your gym clients too, you will have a higher chance to double your bank in the matter of a month or two.

Host Fitness Boot Camps For Free

This is no brainer. Hosting fitness boot camps for free will help you increase your reach organically and allow you to turn them into potential clients.

Since you will have limited time in your hands, along with running a gym and offering personal training at home, we’d suggest you host one free boot camp every month.

The competition in the market is fierce and tough. To sell yourself as a brand, you have to show them what you got. And this is the perfect way to leave an impact.

NOTE: You must market the event well to ensure a lot of people sign up for the same. Consider hosting it at your gym so that the attendees know what they can expect in the future.

Offer Unique Workout Plans To Your Clients

One-size-fits-all has become a thing of the past.

Everyone has different eating habits, dietary requirements, and fitness goals. Therefore, you must focus on customising your recommendations according to your clients’ needs.

You can also pair up with a certified nutritionist to offer personalised meal plans. This is a great way to expand your reach to clients that are currently focussing on meal plans but would like to indulge in personal training. Besides that, this is also a good deal for your clients who want “more than just exercising”.

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Provide Online Classes

In this world of digital advancement, people are spending more and more time online. That’s where they are looking for solutions to their problems, answers to their questions, and products/ services to their requirements.

So consider providing online personal training. In fact, curate everyday sessions that bring effective results.

Final Thoughts 

Here are 5 ways to earn more money as a personal trainer. Follow these tips, and you can expect to build a huge client base. However, it is essential to train yourself first to help other people with their workouts, or else you won’t obtain any client.