Whether we like to admit or not, we all enjoy being noticed and different from what’s around us, so we often find ourselves getting a pair of florescent shoes for upcoming party, saying impressive sentences from the latest book we read or even doing silly things.

Standing out from the crowd is more than just being different, it’s the way to show real you, speak your mind and dazzle with your appearance in the most unique way you can. Although this seems easy, some of people still fail to differentiate themselves from others, so if you’re tired of being in the shadow, this is your chance to learn how to keep all eyes on you:

Dare to say no when others say yes

When you strive to make yourself a unique piece of giant social puzzle, the first thing you should be clear with is that you shouldn’t be afraid or restrained from expressing your opinion, no matter whether the crowd will accept that or not. Of course, this doesn’t mean forcing opinions you don’t believe in just for the sake of being noticed, but presenting the attitude you really have towards something. If you think different from the bunch of people around you, it’s OK to confront others’ opinions as long as you truly believe in the words you say.

Just do it… differently

Doing something in the same way like others do is nothing but eternal staying in the same place without a chance to achieve your goals or change the things. So, encourage your creative juices, arm yourself with self-confidence and implement ideas world didn’t see before. Let’s say you’re organizing special event within your company, where instead of average, too many times seen contents, you include brand ambassadors from Wink Models and surprise your partners.

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Regardless if you’re sending creatively composed resume, wearing extravagant self-made creations or painting your car in murals, as long as you’re doing things uniquely, you’re on good way to stand out from the crowd. Just think about glorious fashion creator Karl Lagerfeld who turned his fashion show into supermarket environment to make Paris audience say “wow”.

Unhide the leader inside you

If you care about your intuition and ability to spot the things and situations faster than others, you’ll be in position to establish yourself as a leader, and as such, unique individual in the crowd. Make yourself comfortable innovating, joining to charity organizations or helping others, even if that’s not expected from you or even when you think it’s not impressive enough.

Let your outfit speaks for you

Yes, you’ve heard too many times that apparel doesn’t make a man, and that’s true as well as it’s true that stylish and suitable outfit makes you noticeable and authentic. So, choose your clothing combinations in the way they reflect your personality, rely on what fits your physique and character, and remember – you should feel in your clothes like you’re born with it. If statement shoes, extravagant skirts or glamorous hats make you think “This is so me”, dare to wear them as long as you feel completely comfortable and self-confident in it.

Remember, there’s no reason to ever think you’re average, because you’re already the most special version of yourself, so don’t be afraid to let your uniqueness dazzle the world around you.

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