The ketogenic diet is not the easiest diet that you can choose to lose weight and fat. On the other hand, it is a diet that has proven itself and is effective for weight loss. The follow-up of the ketogenic diet is especially difficult at first, due to the low-carbohydrate eating pattern. After this initial phase, the body gets used to the new situation and is easier to follow the diet. If you seriously want to know how to start a ketogenic diet, follow these simple tips that can help you:

Ketogenic Diets

Check the labels

During the ketogenic diet you eat very few carbohydrates, no more than 50 grams per day but even less is better. This means that you need to check the food labels for how much carbohydrates are in them. Avoid products with many carbohydrates and sugars.

Create a stock

There are a number of foods that you will eat a lot. These include products like meat, fish, cheese, eggs, nuts, oil and avocado. By making a stock of these products you always have some food that you can eat and prevent you from snapping.

Measure whether you are in ketosis

Using ketostrips, you will find out if you are in ketosis. Once you reach this condition, it does not mean that you can eat more carbohydrates again. If you do this, the body will again use glucose for energy. Therefore, check whether you are still in ketosis so you know if the good amount of carbohydrates is taking a day.

Experiment with food

Although you can not eat anything during the ketogenic diet, it is quite interesting to try other things. Fish and meat with various types of herbs is not very exciting but you can even make brownies and ice cream that fits the ketogenic diet.

Eat more vegetables

Most people do not usually eat enough vegetables. During the ketogenic diet it is more important than normal to eat your vegetables, preferably even more than normal. The small amount of carbohydrates you enter is largely due to vegetables. As a supplement, you can take a multivitamin supplement to prevent deficiencies.

Plan what you are going to eat

The ketogenic diet is a strict diet, which makes it impossible for you to eat anything. If you are on your way, you may find that you can not quickly find a carbohydrate meal. To avoid this, it is important that you plan what you will eat during the day. You never eat without food and you do not have to eat anything that does not fit into the diet.

Continues progress

You only know if you are moving forward. This can be done in several ways where the scale for most people is easiest. In order to keep motivation, it can also be useful to take pictures. If you look in the mirror every day, it seems that you do not make progress, but if you compare pictures you can see it much better. Keep progress in every two weeks or a month and then make the comparison. If it does not go the way you want, then you can make adjustments to your diet using the measurements.