skin changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times to experience new feelings as your baby grows in time. This is a special time for the mother as they get to learn their baby through pregnancy week by week as the baby grows until it comes to term. The 9 months are quite unique as there are numerous changes to the body which one may not be ready for but which happen all the same. The body will change from the face to the toes, as the body adjusts to pregnancy and prepares for birth. These changes include a hormonal change which prepares the body for pregnancy, breast changes, changes in posture, the back to the pelvis as one is prepared for birth.

It is for this reason important to understand the changes that occur in pregnancy so as to enjoy what it is that happens and to be physically and mentally prepared for the said changes. One of these changes that occur in most areas of the body is skin changes. The skin changes in pregnancy week by week as the baby grows in the womb. Different areas of the skin will act differently and when one knows what to expect, it makes it quite easy to deal with the changes when they occur. These changes in the skin occur as a result of hormonal changes occurring as the baby changes in pregnancy week by week.

The breasts tend to lose their firmness as the breast tissue changes to accommodate for the production of breast milk. This helps in ensuring that once the child is born, they will be adequately nourished. Another change that occurs as the pregnancy week by week progress is that there is darkening of the nipples. A much darker color around the nipples is noticed as opposed to before. This darkening in pigmentation also tends to happen on the area around the inner thighs and the private area. Most women observe that a dark line from the navel running down to the pubic bone is observed. Another thing that is observed in most women is that there are some dark patches that may form on the skin of pregnant women. These patches are especially pronounced along the cheek bone and the upper lip as well. In medical circles, this is referred as chloasma and is a mask of pregnancy. It is important to note that these changes are not preventable and occur naturally as the pregnancy week by week progresses. Chloasma has also been shown to become worse when one is exposed to the sun for long periods. To prevent the occurrence and severity of chloasma, it is recommended that you stay in shaded areas for most of the time you are in the sun. IF one cannot avoid the sun, it is recommended that sunscreen be used.

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Acne is also common for women as pregnancy week by week progress. This is mostly attributed to the hormonal changes that might be occurring. In as much as the hormones may be aggravating the condition, it is highly advisable to ensure that the face is clean by regularly washing it with a lot of water and a mild cleanser at least thrice every day. It is also highly advisable to avoid oil based hair products that may come into contact with facial skin as this may aggravate the severity of the acne. If after the cleansing acne still does not recede, it is highly advisable that you consult your doctor so that they can prescribe an effective over the counter skin cream.

It is also important to notice that there might be increased blood flow to the skin. This causes the skin to redden especially in the palms. Varicose veins also tend to occur quite frequently but regress after pregnancy. Stretch marks cannot be forgotten when it comes to skin changes. This is quite common and happens as a result of the baby growing in pregnancy week by week. This is common in the breasts, abdomen upper arms, thighs and buttocks.

All in all, it is important to notice that most of the skin changes that occur in pregnancy week by week will normally recede within three months after birth. In case the said changes do not occur, one may consult a doctor for the best way to deal with the skin changes during pregnancy week by week or after birth.

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