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They say, “Prevention is better than cure.” Indeed, medicine has come a long way in detecting diseases before they occur in the human body. This much is also true for eye diseases. Eye Doctors make use of specialized tests on a patient’s eye to determine the possibility of a disease to occur in the foreseeable future.  Are you doubtful or scared to take an eye exam? Here are a few reasons why these tests can save your eyesight.

The greatest benefit one can get from taking an eye exam is getting a full picture of the current condition of our eyes. Doctors can detect early signs of possible eye diseases since they have studied such cases through years of expertise in the field. The tests are designed for them to know in a short amount of time if there are any abnormalities in the eye of a patient. An example of this is the fluorescein dye test which they apply onto a patient’s eye. The dye can be used to check for problems in blood circulation of the blood vessels in the eye.

Nowadays, it can be costly to get sick. We have to pay bills for every step in the hospital from the ambulance down to the check-ups. Depending on the severity of our condition, our bills may also multiply if more intricate operations are needed to cure us. If a patient has taken an eye exam in the early stage of a possible eye disease, such costs can be avoided since he may have taken proper medication already and had his condition cured. Instead of being hospitalized and spending huge sums, he saved a lot of money just by taking an eye exam with a doctor which in itself also does not cost a lot. 

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Lastly, eye exams also enable doctors to prescribe corrective eyewear which are used to correct vision problems such as hyperopia, astigmatism, and myopia. One such exam is the well-known Refraction exam wherein a patient is made to read letters of decreasing size from a distance. Based on the extent that the patient can read the letters, the doctor will assess the grade of what he or she needs to correct his vision. The test also makes use of a device called ‘phoropter’ that consists of various lenses that the patient will use to find a lens that will make his vision clearer. Since the use of prescriptive eyewear over the years is continuous, it is important that the patient maintains his check-ups with his doctor so that he can update his eyewear with the current condition of his vision.

When it comes to eye health, one can make no mistake in taking an eye exam to assess their current eye condition, save a lot of money on costs, and get prescriptive eyewear to correct any vision issues. In finding an eye doctor who can administer an eye exam, one reliable site that to check out is https://topeyedoctorsnearme.com/ which will list all available eye doctors within the immediate area vicinity. The patient will no longer go to far places to take his eye exam because the site will provide him with a list of doctors near him. Take a visit to the site today if you need an eye exam or other eye services.