People are born with freckles I thought. Like, it was just a thing that people had. Some people were tall, some had different colored hair and some had freckles. Before I came to LA, I had no idea that freckles could develop.  I didn’t know they could manifest.

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When I first saw them in the mirror, I freaked out. I thought I had some kind of skin disease for real, adult-onset freckalitis or something.  Then I looked it up: some people just get freckles from being in the sun. I couldn’t believe that no one had ever told me that growing up.

The only thing to me that was more amazing than the idea that you could develop freckles as an adult was that the freckles that appeared weren’t cute. In fact, they didn’t look at all like I’d hoped. Like a lot of people, I sometimes wished I had freckles when I was a kid, as I saw some cute kids on TV or in the movies with freckles. But, as an adult, no. They just looked out of place, like I’d tried to somehow apply my own freckles and really screwed it up.

So, I wanted to get rid of my freckles. Turns out acne stuff doesn’t work, because they aren’t nearly the same thing as acne. I did read that sunscreen can help with them (that makes sense, as the freckles are a result of being out in the sun). However, that wasn’t terribly effective either. Sure, it helped a bit in keeping the freckles I already had from multiplying, but it wasn’t doing much about getting rid of the freckles I had. I knew I had to take further measures; hence I looked into IPL laser skin treatment.

IPL Laser Skin Treatment: Zapping Freckles

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DivanteMedSpa was a place I’d heard about online but had never actually gotten a chance to go to before. I’d been meaning to check them out because basically everything I heard about them sounded great. When I heard that they had a laser that could get rid of freckles, I knew I had to give them a shot. That sounded just too perfect. I’d had some friends that were a little leery of laser treatment. When I asked “why,” their comeback was basically: “uh because they’re lasers.”That’s a pretty good comeback, all told.


Researching these things is a hobby of mine (and is certainly better than doing my job) so I decided to look into the lasers that Divante uses.

The GentleMax Pro

At first, I thought that name was too good to be true “the GentleMax Pro.” That sounds almost Orwellian … the name that would be given to the most painful, devastating laser. But here’s the thing! Now I get it … It SHOULD be called the GentleMax Pro.  If anything, the name undersells just how gentle this treatment is. I would’ve called it “The Laser That’s So Gentle, You May Not Know that the Laser is Doing Anything, But It’s Totally Working Really Effectively.”  That’s a more accurate title but way too long and not too catchy, so “GentleMax Pro” totally works.

30 Minute Treatment

I couldn’t believe that’s how long it took … yup, 30 minutes! It took out so many of my sunspots, all in just half an hour. I thought for sure that it would go on and on like this was some kind of marathon session. However, it was just half an hour. After, I thought back to all of the times I had wasted half an hour, watching a sitcom or something, or cooking something I really didn’t want to eat. In just the span of time it took me to regret putting a dumb movie on Hulu, I had fewer sunspots on my face. Now that’s productive use of 30 minutes!

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Multiple Treatments? Sure!

If you go to the Divante site, you’ll see they have this disclaimer about “it may take several treatments to see the desired results.” That’s probably true for most people. Indeed, it did take a couple of sessions for me to see the most results. But after the first session, I could absolutely tell we were on the right track. I was already starting to see that some of the freckles were disappearing. In just one session, that was more effective than any cream I had tried, or sunscreen I had furiously rubbed onto my face.

I’m writing this between my second and third session. Now, the freckles are on the run. I imagine them sometimes grumpily disappearing, muttering things to each other like: “I didn’t know she was going to go for the laser treatment, did you?” I can’t wait till I’ve had the third session and they’re gone for good. If you have freckles and they’re unwelcome, do what I did: give the DivanteMedSpa real pros a call at (818) 334-4737.


IPL Laser Skin Treatment: Helping with Southern California Sun | Skin Tightening


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