Iridocyclitis is the condition where the iris and ciliary body of the eye are swollen. Doctors also name this condition as iritis is and anterior uvetitis.  Iris is basically responsible for offering color to the eye and allow light to enter to make a vision but when it gets swollen, the person is unable to identify things properly.

Symptoms of the Iridocyclitis

Below are the most common symptoms seen in the patients suffering from Iridocyclitis.

Blurred vision- As the iris helps the eye to view any object and when it undergoes inflammation, vision becomes blur due to not forming of focused vision within the eye. When any light enters the iris it does not reach to the vision part of the eye due to the person does not able to see clearly.

Tearing eyes- The patient suffering from Iridocyclitis condition undergoes tearing eyes in brightness. Iris is again responsible for this as the iris is muscular part of the eyes which protects them from intense brightness but if fails in its functionality it will allow entering bright light directly inside the eyes. This bright light causes tearing of eyes to the patient.

Red Eyes- Due to inflammation of the iris patient may suffer from red eyes. The white portion of the eye becomes red in such condition. If a patient suffers from pain in his eyes due to inflammation should immediately call the doctor.

Treatments of the Iridocyclitis

Home treatment- The patient suffering from the Iridocyclitis condition should consult with the eye doctor in order to know home treatment methods. The doctor may ask the patient to wear dark glasses if he feels pain in light. Some of the natural remedies can also be prescribed by the doctor to get cured.

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Medicine- Mostly people go with medicines in order to treat Iridocyclitis. This method is a quick and less risky to the patient. The doctor may prescribe an eye drop or pills to offer healthy eyes back to the patient. Eye drops play a vital role in treating this condition and instantly removes the redness of the eyes. The patient is required to have rest most of the time while using the drop. The more rest is provided to the eyes, the quicker recovery would happen.

Drug- Drug is also another effective method to treat the patient from Iridocyclitis. The doctor may give eye drop which contains the drug to relax the patient eyes as much as possible and heal it properly. Drugs are known for relieving quickly from the pain, thus people who suffer from severe pain in their eyes can go for drug eye drops prescribed by the eye doctors.

Iridocyclitis is caused due to various diseases like Polychondritis, Malaria, Toxocariasis and Incontinentia pigmenti. It’s always recommended to the people suffer from any type of eye problem should meet the doctor without delaying. If you reach the doctor within time, it will help you to get cured much faster.

Eyes are one of the most important organs in the body, so it should care properly. Eyes make you realize how beautiful the world is. Thus, try to eat all the eye healthy food items and maintain a clear vision throughout your life.