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Massaging is rubbing and kneading of the muscles using fingers, elbow, and other necessary tools. Why do people go for massage? Well, there are different types of massage and each one of them is designed to achieve a certain objective. Nevertheless, the overall reason for massaging is muscle relaxation. Mistakenly, some individuals believe massage is for a certain person.

However, any individual can benefit from massaging. One of the main reasons why individuals undertake sports massage is aid recovery from sports-related injuries. How is this achieved? Massaging facilitates the flow of blood to the affected muscles and tissues, supplying them with oxygen and nutrients needed for recovery purpose. The massage also makes the muscles more flexible, eases tension and as a result bring pain relief. A deep tissue massage is meant to get deep to the knots and reduces the pain that results from the soreness of the knots. The point is, you will benefit significantly from massaging.

But what if you already use massage therapy? What can you do to benefit even more? The best thing you can do is to set goals and share them with your therapist. Follow all the recommendations that you will be given. However, today we want to focus our attention to individuals who want to supplement their workouts with massage therapy. Is It Advisable to Get a Massage Before or After a Workout? In order to make the right judgment, we are going to first discuss the benefits of each of the two approaches.

Post Workout Massage

The following are some of the top benefits you can get from post workout massage therapies:

  •   Speed Recovery.  A massage can help you recover relatively faster after a workout. This benefit is even supported by a number of studies. For instance, a study at Ohio State University established that muscles form more vessels after the therapy. For quick healing and getting ready for a subsequent workout, the muscles require oxygen and nutrients to rebuild cells. Having a post-workout therapy improves circulation to the muscles and tissues and this facilitates quick recovery. Besides, warming up muscles and tissues with massage therapy helps relax quickly. The bottom line is post workout massage ease soreness and fastens recovery.
  •   Reduces inflammation. A post-workout massage can help lessen inflammation. One study on men’s fitness established that massaging right after an intense workout has anti-inflammatory advantages. But then what usually brings about inflammation? Whenever a vessel is injured, the white blood cells prevents further damage, leading to swelling. This is basically a protective reaction. Nevertheless, when there is too much swelling, there can be muscle stiffness or other serious conditions. Individuals with constant workout cannot avoid inflammation. However, there is no need for incurring costs on medication. Post-Workout massage therapy will significantly reduce this condition.
  • Lessens athletic injuries. If you intend to participate in a competition or just an upcoming event, it is important to take extra measures and relax inflexible muscles. A post-workout massage will help relax and make the muscles more flexible. This is very important when it comes to deterring the chances of incurring injuries. Basically, muscle inflexibility or rigidity is one of the main causes of injuries after an inefficient workout or form.
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A regular deep tissue massage therapy after your workouts increases the flexibility of your muscles. Besides, you can use the sessions with the therapist to address problems such as tight hamstrings. Therapists are trained in other fields as well, not only muscle relaxation. In case you are experiencing chronic pain after your workout, you can seek a massage therapy session. Generally, therapists are well-trained to provide customized therapies and can help you recover from injuries faster and perform optimally. In fact, you can hire mobile therapists who visits clients to their homes and offer customized massages where necessary?

  •   More energy. Can get more energy from post-workout massage? Yes, you can! It may sound ridiculous but is true you gain more energy from post workout therapies. How can this happen? A number of past studies established that massage facilitates the release of mitochondria, cell organelles that boost endurance by improving the rate at which body muscles and tissues utilize oxygen. Simply put, massage therapy force extra oxygen to the muscles. You will recover relatively faster and that is just so important.
  •   It facilitates the flow of blood. We earlier talk about inflammation and how post-workout therapies can help deal with that. But inflammation can even be more problematic. It limits the flow of blood to the muscles and this interferes with the healing process. Nevertheless, a post-workout massage enhances the flow of blood. Efficient flow of blood to all body parts is very important, especially in boosting your immunity.

There are so many benefits you can gain from post-workout massage. But what out pre-event therapies?

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Pre-workout Massage

Pre-workout massage is often meant to prepare athletes, making them ready for a competition or an event. The following are some of the benefits you can gain from these therapies:

  •   It entails friction which develops heat needed for warming up the tissues.
  •   The compression created enhances the flow of blood to the muscles. The muscles are energized and strengthened for the event.
  •   It helps athletes develop the right mindset regarding the event.
  •   Studies show it reduces stress levels as well as tension and anxieties.
  •   It involves different joint movements which increase or lessens stiffness.

The Bottom Line

Is It Advisable to Get a Massage Before or After a Workout? What do you think following the discussion? Evidently, both therapies are beneficial. But how do you weigh the benefits of both approaches? Well, massage therapy loosens your muscles, creating tension as a result. For this reason, it is not advisable to have massages prior to workouts. You will benefit more from post-workout massages. Still, the best approach for you may depend on what you actually what to achieve with the workouts. Many athletes would prefer pre-workout massage but again stretch after the event. Let us know what you think.