In the recent past cases of arthritis have been on the rise causing a concern in the health sector.  Lifestyle choices may have a role to play but not entirely. There are over a hundred forms of arthritis with psoriatic arthritis being one of them. This condition is characterized by tender joints that are inflamed accompanied by a skin condition known as psoriasis.

exercises for psoriasis

The cause of psoriasis is still unknown. Important to note is that not all people who have psoriasis have psoriatic arthritis although it may develop later on in life. It is estimated that 30% of psoriasis patients develop this form of arthritis later on.

A recent study showed that joint injuries may be a possible cause of psoriatic arthritis. According to senior author Thorvardur Love of Landspitali University Hospital in Iceland, people who suffer from psoriasis have a higher chance of developing psoriatic arthritis when they suffer from injuries especially on the joints or bones. How you may ask. Walk with me than as we try to unravel the mystery behind this.

Injuries and Psoriatic Arthritis: What’s the Relation?

The population-based cohort study which was presented to the European League against Rheumatism in Rome, suggested that people who had injuries on their joints had a 50% risk of developing psoriatic arthritis if they were already battling psoriasis. The study incorporated 70,000 psoriasis patients, for which more than 15000 had already suffered a physical injury in their lives. While the study wasn’t aimed to prove that there is a cause and effect relationship between psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis, it did show a clear association between the two conditions and thus more research need to be done in the area. So far psoriatic arthritis causes have remained unknown and only associations have been made.

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Psoriasis: A Difficult Journey It Is

The condition is characterized by red patches on the skin. Depending on which part of the skin is affected, it can be an embarrassing condition. Most people will find it very challenging coping with psoriasis as it takes a toll on them physically and emotionally. The physical aspect is pretty straight forward. The skin becomes itchy and uncomfortable sometimes. Its look is not that friendly either. Mentally, people may feel the need to isolate themselves. You can’t blame them. We are human and we ogle at everything that looks out of the ordinary. You meet a person suffering from psoriasis (on a part that is evident) and you stare at them so hard they can barely keep a straight look. They already feel uncomfortable as it is; treating them differently and staring doesn’t help in any way. That is why you will find most of these people suffering from mood disorders.

Exercise and Psoriasis

Although injuries may trigger psoriatic arthritis, that doesn’t mean that people battling this condition should not exercise; far from it. A thing to note is that exercise will help you greatly when it comes to coping with psoriasis. I understand how excruciating the pain is. The mere thought of moving causes a horrific feeling down your fragile spine. Can you really do it? Will it be worth it after all?

It will help you to know that when you move the skin feels better and looks better than when you don’t exercise.  As is basic knowledge, exercise strengthens the immune system. Consequently, inflammation in the body (which has been thought to make the condition worse) is reduced. Another thing to note is that exercise helps the mind relax and keep mood disorders at bay. At this time, a clear mind is something you definitely need. You also keep your weight in check.

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Some exercises that you may want to try:

1. Walking

Walking is a low impact exercise that will help you greatly. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a break sometimes and walk around for about ten minutes. Riding a bike will help in the same manner.

2. Swimming

If you feel too exhausted, then swimming might be the exercise for you. If you don’t feel too comfortable, ask a physician to help you through. You burn more calories and keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

3. Weight training

With this, you get to build muscles and improve your metabolism is improved greatly.  Ask a professional to help you through to ensure you don’t get injured in the process.


Indeed there is a connection between joint injuries and psoriatic arthritis. Most people with psoriasis have a high chance of developing psoriatic arthritis if they suffer from joint injury/ injuries. Dealing with psoriasis is not an easy thing and thus caution should be taken to ensure it doesn’t develop to psoriatic arthritis. Simple exercises will help you stay fit but should be done with caution to prevent injuries.