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Having a bundle of joy is the ultimate dream of most couples. Children complete our family and bring boundless joy into our lives. But sometimes it is not possible for some couples to conceive due to various fertility issues. IVF treatment is a boon for such couples. India is considered to be one of the best destinations for IVF treatment. The reason for this is the IVF cost in India is comparatively less than other countries.

India is the best place for getting high quality IVF treatment at affordable price. We in India have advanced greatly in the field of medical sciences and have the same high standards as western countries. As a result, we live up to the high expectations of inland as well as overseas patients.

All the major cities in India are highly recommended for getting the IVF treatment done. However, the success rate of IVF treatment in Bangalore is quite high. Bangalore the ‘IT capital of India’ has the best hospitals and centers which cater to patients who are on the lookout for the IVF treatment in Bangalore.

Why IVF treatment in India?

Estimated cost of IVF treatment in various countries:

   U. S. A. – $12000 to $15000 (Rs. 840000.00 – Rs. 1050000.00)

   U.K – $8000 to $15000 (Rs. 560000.00 – Rs. 1050000.00)

   Singapore – $6500 to $10000 (Rs. 455000.00 – Rs. 700000)

   India – $3500 to $6500 (Rs. 245000.00 – Rs. 455000.00)


As per the above table you may have seen that the IVF cost in India is much less expensive than other countries. IVF cost in Bangalore is quite affordable than other metros and you can find a wide range of clinics which offer this treatment at competent price.

However, avoid selecting a clinic only on the basis of IVF cost in Bangalore alone. Take into consideration different aspects such as, reputed and experienced IVF specialists with good credentials. Also pay attention to the creditability of the fertility clinics and go through their reviews and if possible find out from other couples their experience about the IVF treatment they had undergone in different cities in India.

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Break up of IVF cost in India:


Treatments                         Cost in India                  Cost in USA / UK

Initial consultation                  Rs. 1000.00                      $200 – $300

IUI                                         Rs. 10000.00                    $3000

IVF / ICSI                              Rs. 100000.00                   $6500 – $9000

Medications                           Rs. 60000.00 –                  $4000 – $5000

Rs. 80000.00

FET                                     Rs. 60000.00                      $4500


These are the approximate charges for IVF treatment which can vary from clinic to clinic.


Why India is the most preferred option for IVF treatment?

The growth of medical sector in India has been tremendous and we have achieved a high success rate for IVF treatment in India.

  • Cutting edge technology and latest equipment are used during the treatment.
  • Complete confidentiality is maintained.
  • Treatment is provided by reputed and experienced IVF specialists.
  • Communicating with the doctors and support staff is not a problem as English is widely spoken.
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Factors influencing the IVF cost in India:

 IVF treatment may vary according to each individual as each case is different from the other:

The total cost of IVF treatment in Bangalore depends on various factors:

Women’s age – Age plays a vital role in IVF treatment. You have a 32% chance of getting pregnant in the first IVF cycle itself if you are below 32 years of age. But you may need several cycles to conceive if you have crossed 39 years of age. This causes the cost to shoot up drastically.

Donor embryos – Donor embryos are used when there is serious health problem in one or both the partners and there is a potential risk for the children. You will have to pay between Rs. 40000.00 to Rs. 60000.00 for the donor embryo.

Donor Egg/sperm – You will have to pay additional cost if you are using donor eggs or sperms for your IVF treatment. The donor eggs are comparatively more expensive than the donor sperms as you will have to pay for the cost incurred while retrieving the eggs. The approximate price of donor eggs is from Rs. 30000.00 – Rs. 50000.00, while the cost for the donor sperm is around Rs. 10000.00 – Rs. 15000.00.

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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) – ICSI is a great option if you have male-factor infertility and suffer from issues like low sperm count, poor quality sperm and motility. To help in fertilization, a single sperm is injected directly into an egg during this procedure. This treatment cost around Rs. 25000.00 – Rs. 50000.00.

Success rate of the Clinic – The final IVF treatment cost in Bangalore will depend on the total number of IVF cycles you have undergone to achieve a successful result. Hence, the success rate of the clinic you have chosen is of high importance, especially the rate of successful live birth. This aspect will have a crucial effect on your total IVF cost in Bangalore.

Success rate of IVF treatment in India

Probably, the IVF cost in India especially Bangalore may appear to be on the higher side, however it is highly affordable when you realize that you are paying for the best IVF doctors and world class treatment.

Around 36% of IVF cycles result in pregnancy and 30% of this cycle brings about a live birth.IVF treatment in India is a passionate and extraordinary experience as it gives you the hope of becoming a parent. Each passing year brings about greater success in the rate of live birth which floods the heart of many infertile couples with hope and longing to successfully have a child of their own.


By considering all the above factors and understanding the crises of birth and comparing with emerging technologies and methodologies which assures to become parent of their child which every individual dreams about it, and by knowing the world facts about the treatment of IVF cost of IVF I can say that India is most preferable destination of IVF treatment.

India is the best place for getting high quality IVF treatment at affordable price