shutterstock_247902619The primary requirements for skin to be beautiful is for it to be healthy and blemish-free. When skin is kept looking and feeling fresh and thoroughly cleansed every day, day in and day out, there’s no reason why a youthful, brightened complexion should not become apparent. When you take these tips to heart and practice it without fail, you should be on your way to enjoying radiant, beautiful and flawless Skin any season of the year.

What your skin needs regardless of the season

Well, TLC, of course. Whatever the latest buzz is in skincare news may be, one thing is certain, only constant and consistent TLC will give you a skin that’s beaming with a perfect complexion whether it’s sunny or drizzling with snow.

There are two things your skin needs throughout any season. But, first, you need to understand that your skin has two arch-enemies: UV radiation and dryness. UV affects the skin in different ways. UVB causes the skin to redden and become sunburned. UVA penetrates your skin deeply. The damage is caused may not be immediately apparent but the damage will certainly be there and soon enough will cause your skin to develop wrinkles, liver spots, loose skin and even hyperpigmentation.

Dryness deprives your skin of much-needed moisture. Skin needs to be constantly hydrated sufficiently so that your skin cells in the deeper layers are kept energized and active. Moisture assists in keeping skin elastic and able to go back to its expressionless state after smiling, frowning or any other emotion that shows on the face.

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Therefore, spring, summer, winter or fall, your top skincare priorities are two-pronged, that is, to protect your skin against the cell- and DNA-damaging effects of UV radiation, and to keep your skin moisturized.

Healthy skincare tips for all seasons

There are some easy ways by which you can enjoy easily transform your dull, lifeless skin, into an amazingly flawless surface you’ll love to touch and to feel.

Tip No. 1: Always cleanse with a gentle moisturizer. Beautiful skin always begins with clean, pacify skin. Make it a habit to wash your face only with lukewarm water, and only cleanse up to two times daily, that is, once in the morning and another at night. If you have oily skin, you may wash during mid-day but, no more than that or else, you will be causing your skin to dry out.

Tip No. 2: Always tone after cleansing. Cleansing is never enough. Toning unplugs the dirt and grime from your pores and keeps your pores fine and smoothened out.

Tip No. 3: Exfoliate. Skincare news for you! Even when you have dry or aging skin, exfoliation remains to be a key step to achieving flawless, glowing skin. Younger, the flawless skin will have a hard time managing to surface when your epidermis is filled with a debris formed from dry skin, dirt and excess oil. So, make sure to pave the way for new skin by exfoliating regularly.

Tip No. 4: Up your skin’s antioxidant levels. The best way you can do so is by chewing on your leafy greens. Drinking one to two cups of black or green tea will also help get more antioxidants into your system. Another way is to apply antioxidants topically onto your skin. Do this twice daily. For best results combine both methods.

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Tip No. 5: Keep your skin moisturized. If you have young skin, any ordinary moisturizer that contains strong emollients, and deep skin conditioners should work out a great hydrated skin for you. If you have older skin, though, a wrinkle cream with perhaps even a matching eye serum, depending on your skin type, will be necessary. Look for regenerating ingredients or complexes in your wrinkle creams, that includes retinol, peptides, collagen and co-enzyme Q10, among others.

Tip No. 6: Protect your skin throughout the day. Whether it’s infused in your skincare products or, have to be applied separately, sunscreen is always a must during the day. It’s one product you don’t want to leave the shade without.

Tip No. 7: Avail of clinic-based procedures. There are a number of non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures available to support skin renewal. Find out what suits your skin issues best.

Tip No. 8: Wear less makeup. Use makeup to enhance your flawless glow, not your clowned up self.


Flawless skin is easy to achieve when you know exactly what your skin needs.