Men often feel low when they face any issues with their own body function. This becomes more pronounced when it is erectile dysfunction that they are fighting with. The factors that give impetus to this weakness is age and some diseases and a few more habits that are unhealthy. Diabetes and hypertension are few diseases that can be mentioned in this list and often drinking or smoking directly causes this dysfunction of the body organ. These conditions impair flow of blood and hence the erectile dysfunction gets stronger. The treatment is mainly a clear artery that is healthy and fit.

Weakness and dysfunction

l-arginine-pycnogenol-for-ed-300x300The most effective treatments of this dysfunction are the compounds that help in making the muscles of the penile area stronger and engorge the organ with healthy blood. L-arginine and Pycnogenol can improve sexual performance of a male body – as per different researches done. The Pycnogenol is a plant extract and L-arginnine also helps in restoring the sexual act in men. Erections happen when nitric oxide sitting in the cell linings of arteries smoothen the penile muscles. This helps the penis to dilate and it hardens due to blood rushing to the area through the clear arteries. When this flow does not happen smoothly, one faces dysfunction in erection.

Blood circulation aided

The L-arginine is natural and hence it does not cause any severe side effects. This contains amino acids that builds protein and also bring in more nitric oxide (NO) that can smoothen and strengthen the muscles around the penis. The French maritime is a type of pine and its bark gives off Pycnogenol as an extract. This contains flavonoids and other phytochemicals which are good at protecting the muscled walls of the artery. Both the L-arginine and Pycnogenol are good for cardiovascular patients as they support the total circulation of blood to organs. These two are used to make supplements for this erectile weakness of male body.

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Formation of NO for men

These supplements with the pine bark extract named Pycnogenol and Arginine are good for men who have low level of nitric oxide in their body. These supplements help in forming NO and this helps in creating better muscle strength for penile area. There are doses of these supplements for treating ED and you should know the loading dose and then the dose that you should maintain for continuous support to the penile muscles. You must follow the directions before you start with these supplements for a healthy circulation and strength of muscles.

Healthy habit without side effects

You will also have to find out which is the best time to take this supplement and maintain the schedule till you feel your body is strong enough. There are not much side effects from these compounds – taken in separate form. These supplements are now named nutraceuticals and have normal dosage for people. Soon taking these magical nutrients will become a habit of yours and you should take lots of water during the period that you take to such beneficial potions. L-arginine and Pycnogenol can improve sexual performance and it becomes natural for you to continue with these health boosters. Enjoy a better sexual experience for a long time ahead without any side effects from your body.