Liposuction is also known as lipoclastic and is a cosmetic procedure that removes extra fat from various parts of human body. It is most commonly used on abdomen, arms and thighs since most fat deposits are in those areas. The goal of liposuction is not controlling body weight or obesity, but pure aesthetics since this type of surgery only enhances body figure. Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic operations in the UK and the USA nowadays and it is becoming more common all around the world.

Before the Procedure

This type of cosmetic treatment exposes you to a certain level of risk since it is a surgery, but not medically necessary since it does not improve your health. It is done by an instrument that consists of a hollow tube inserted under your skin and a vacuum that pulls out unnecessary fat. Prior to surgery, all patients have to have a stable body weight and to be perfectly healthy, but should think it through and come to a conclusion whether it is the best solution for them. It is obligatory that you find an expert in this field to do the operation, since every procedure has some risks, and you really need to be safe about going under the knife.


After the Procedure

Infections may happen after any surgery and it is of great importance to keep everything clean and have antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. The surgery should be executed with great precision and responsibility since one wrong move can lead to embolism, different visceral perforations and seroma.

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Swelling is normal right after the operation and it usually takes several weeks to pass, leaving the skin pale and prone to pealing. Also, since fat tissue contains a lot of liquid, after having it removed, your body well feel dehydrated and in great need for fluids. In general, anesthesia might as well cause some difficulties and is considered to be a big risk in all types of medical procedures.

Most people are ready to get up and walk after the treatment so in a very short period of time you will be able to get back to your everyday activities. However, if you had liposuction in large areas of your body sometimes recovery might last longer.


Patient can benefit from liposuction in both physical and psychological way since they feel more self-confident and better-looking. When you change your own body perception your self-esteem will boost as well. The final goal of this cosmetic treatment is to fell beautiful and healthy. Some people have an increasing need to look good all the time and search for the best clinics regardless of the price. If you look up for liposuction in Sydney you will find a good place for your treatment and a high quality service.

Why Do It


Reshaping your body by liposuction should be the last resort when exercise and nutrition cannot help. Areas around thighs and abdomen are prone to accumulating fat and are commonly treated. Sometimes liposuction is used in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as breast reduction, face-lift and various fat removal surgeries. It is important not to forget that these procedures cannot remove cellulite and, if you regain weight the fat will reappear in the same places.

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Liposuction is very effective at removing fat deposits in small areas. After several months, or a year in some cases, you will be able to see and feel the difference. Your skin will not become tighter in a few days, as it needs time to retract, but in a few months you will notice how treated areas look renewed.
Finally, this safe and proven procedure, when done by a real professional, is the best way to regain control over your body fat since it has helped millions of patients to improve their looks, leaving them with sculptured bodies to enjoy and embrace life.