Considered as being ‘liquid gold’ this sweet golden substance called as Honey is extracted from beehives all around the globe. The usage of honey has been shared ever since the time of the Pharaohs where it is rumored that The Ultimate Queen of beauty, Cleopatra utilized honey for enhancing her never-ending beauty.

Due to its numerous medicinal as well as Nutritional properties, honey has been used by us humans in all stages of our lives whether for satisfying our sweet tooth, as a healing agent for all kinds of ailments and even for skin care regimes. Mentioned below are reasons a temptation that will encourage you to utilize honey on a daily basis to its fullest for health and general well being purposes. It’s beneficial for mindfulness and relaxation. An alternative way to get your mind relaxed is Ayahuasca retreats offered by Munay medicine.

1. Natural source of energy

It is no shock that Honey is labeled as being ‘the perfect running fuel’ containing 80% natural, unprocessed sugars incorporated within 18% water, vitamins, minerals and even 2% proteins. Due to the absence of artificial sugars, Honey is quickly transformed into Liver Glycogen increasing the level of energy within the body.

According to the University of Memphis Exercise and Sports Nutrition Laboratory, honey is one of the best options of Carbohydrates available for consumption pre as well as post workout sessions. Due to its energizing properties as well as the element of fueling recovery, Honey is ideal to be consumed by athletes.

2. Overflowing with antioxidants

‘Potion of Youth’ is one such title given to Honey out of the numerous others. Studies have time and again shown that a regular consumption of a particular dosage drastically increases the percentage Antioxidants in the body.

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Along with keeping the skin supple and smooth, Antioxidants also play a pivotal role in boosting the immune system by taking the form of preventative measure against any debilitating diseases. Containing high levels of Polyphenols, considered as being very potent antioxidants, Honey has established to decrease the risks of developing heart conditions and even cancer.

Scientifically proven to contain illness-fighting antioxidants such as Pinostrobin, Pinocembrin, and Flavonoids, honey actively supports the production and functioning of enzymes.

3. Sleep Promoter

Lack of sleep or incorrect sleep routines can primarily affect the behavior of a person due to witnessing extreme fatigue. Many, instead of resorting to medically prescribed sleeping pills, opt for the consumption of honey as a purely natural way of resolving the issue.

Neurotransmitter Serotonin is released due to the drastic increase in Insulin levels because of the sweetness of the Honey consumed. The produced Serotonin is then converted into Melatonin which helps your body sleep like a baby without disruptions.

Thus for better sleep, it is best preferred that honey should be consumed by adding it to Chamomile tea or with hot milk if not directly consumed. An entire Plethora of researchers and information is available based on honey as a form of ancient medicinal drink with mixed with turmeric, pepper, and almond milk.

4. Treats burn and wounds

Peter Molan belonging from the University of Waikato, New Zealand has on multiple occasions established the Antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey along with its immaculate Wound-healing powers. He also proved that honey increases the production of Hydrogen Peroxide, hence forming an environment which is completely inhospitable for bacteria thus preventing infections.

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Honey has tropically been applied to open wounds and burns for decades as a way of keeping it free from diseases and enhancing the process of healing. Consumption of honey has also recently been studied for being able to decrease the pain, odor as well as the size of problematic skin ulcers.

Thus can be used both externally in the form of topical application and consumed for internal benefits as an entirely natural antibiotic.

Considered as a real legacy for its multipurpose properties, honey has been readily used for its Medicinal as well as other characteristics since the past 2,000 years. Well known for treating a broad range of medical conditions and highly promoting the general wellbeing, Honey should be consumed by all, on a regular basis for best results.