You may think that you need expensive equipment and at least one gym membership to have your dream body. What if we told you, you could work out at home, lose all the extra weight and build lean muscles? Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how you can get the most out of any workout regime without even buying a gym membership or equipment.


There is no better fat burning workout. While some people do settle for jogging and we have nothing against it, running gives you more coordination, better leg workout and it is the best form of cardio ever. Forget spot training. If you have 10 minutes in hand every morning, put on your running shoes. The sweating will wash out all the toxins from your body and increase your stamina.

Pro tip: while running, do not think about cardio! Try you pull your abs taut and always exhale when your left foot hits the ground.


There is no better workout if you want to build shoulder strength and chest muscles. It is essential for all genders since it is a complete muscle training and toning exercise. Always start with simpler forms like half-push-ups or inclined push-ups if you are not sure about your strength. Start with smaller counts. Even five a day in the first week will be better than doing nothing.


Crunches are a must for anyone trying to lose some serious belly fat. Crunches are usually of different kinds. Start with the simplest ones that need you lying flat on your back on the ground and legs folded. Using the strength of your core pull up your upper body. Women working their abs for a six-pack are not unrealistic at all. It will take lots of time and lots of reps, but you will get there.

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Women, who want to build muscles but do not have the time to hit the gym, should surely try protein supplements and natural supplements. These natural supplements keep your hormonal balance in place. They just put your metabolism in fast gear, so that your fat burns away leaving lean muscle underneath. In fact, protein supplements will help you build muscle much faster. If you are worried about the expense, indulge in steroids for sale black Friday on the web.

Walking lunges

These are the super-exercise of all kinds of workout regimes. Walking lunges have no replacement when it comes to toning thigh muscles. For most women, thighs are a general problem area. They work for many muscle groups together including the hams, glutes, and quads.


Squats are going to be your glutes best friend. Start with plain squats and then progress into more challenging forms including the squat jump. Always pay attention to your form while doing squats. Without the correct form, you will end up working your calves instead of your glutes.

The key to improving your muscle tone while working out at home is patience. If you want fast results, you can always try the best natural supplements from online legal steroid stores.