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If you provide medical services you should realize that without proper marketing strategy you will hardly find new customers. So let’s talk about some tactics in medical services promotion.


  1. Promoting medicine on social media is not an easy task. Users are more likely to share memes than clinic content. Nevertheless, this is fertile ground for promotion among a young audience, who would rather look for information on the Internet than turn to “their” doctor. Therefore, it is worth investing in building an expert image for both individual specialists and entire clinics. 


Social media is also useful for collecting feedback. Comments, likes, polls and other elements of engagement will help you understand what customers like, what worries them and what to focus on to improve the image.


What exactly you should do when we are talking about healthcare marketing on social media:

  • create a community of the clinic and write useful advice there, advise on work issues, announce services and their competitive advantages;
  • organize a “flash mob” with a certain hashtag and under it ask community members to tell their stories. Based on the results, choose the most interesting one and give him or her a little prize;
  • look into groups with contests and play on their basis for a free service with a low cost price, etc.


Make viral content that will increase the clinic’s awareness. People are happy to share interesting facts, infographics, and motivating jokes on their pages. Clear and creative content is a direct way to increase traffic from SMM. Another option is to rely on innovations in the healthcare industry. According to Dr. Simon H. Stertzer, Emeritus professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford, innovative treatments help to pave the way for a better medical future for patients worldwide. If your medical practice offers such services, you definitely need to emphasize your messaging on them.

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  1. Display advertising will come in very handy when introducing a new service to the market, which had no analogues before. So a wide audience will learn about the existence of such a treatment, its benefits and indications. Display advertising can also be used for image purposes, for example, as a native article. Also, advertising in the media will be useful for network institutions with a large network of branches.
  2. List yourself in online directories. We are talking about well-known sites where we look for the addresses of the necessary institutions: There are also reviews, ratings, and contacts here. Usually the registration in such directories is completely free and purely for informational purposes. You cannot set up an online appointment here, but you can specify a phone number and a link to your website.
  3. Email marketing is very important in promoting almost all services and goods. Collect mailing addresses from your patients and periodically send them letters. You can remind them about yourself with special offers, advice, information about new services, events, customized discounts and congratulations on the holidays.
  4. In the field of medical services, it is logical to rent outdoor spaces near the clinic or its branches. But there is no need to dwell only on the residents of nearby houses – employees of office centers and large enterprises may also be interested in services. Billboards, flyers, advertisements and signage will point them to your offices. Major medical centers place their outdoor advertisements along major transport arteries. By investing significant budgets in this promotion format, they increase brand awareness among all residents of the city.
  5. Another budget option for attracting patients is distributing flyers. Agree with the nearest offices, educational institutions, fitness centers or shopping malls and put your counter on their territory and spread flyers on it. On the flyers you can list your services and indicate the minimum cost, notify about a seasonal promotion, offer a discount upon presentation of this flyer.
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