Home remedies for hair growth

There is nothing better than knowing you can treat your hair at home

The house is filled with many ingredients that we use for cooking or maybe you have a small garden that you have grown vegetables and other things, and all this time you never knew you had the basic natural ingredients to help you in hair growth. This is one of the main problems that affect the hair of women. We look for various ways to ensure that our hair grows healthy and longer daily. Having short unhealthy hair is one of the nightmares as a lady you would want to go through. Well the good news is here with us. They’re more than enough home remedies that will aid in the right kind of home treatment to help you have wonderful hair and also have it grow to the lengths that you would want. The fruits, vegetable products you keep in your house can be the solution you are waiting for to get your hair string and healthy.

remedies for hair growth and thickness are many so which one to use. Let us look at just a few that will ensure you have your hair well maintained at all times while at home. Onions are a common vegetable in the kitchen, you can barely cook without it, but it’s not only good for cooking, but also perfect to use in hair treatment. The juice form the onions are rich in sulfur which is usually used to enhance the production of Collagen that really helps in the growth of hair. Just take the onions, chop them and then squeeze them, once you have the juice, apply it to your scalp just for 15 minutes then wash it off with a mild shampoo, within weeks you will start having wonderful results.

Another one of the healthiest remedies faster hair growth is the use of an egg mask. There is no home that lacks a tray of eggs, so why not use them? Although egg has been around for a while and has been used for hair treatment, it is still good and among the best treatments for hair growth. Eggs contain proteins which end up aiding in hair growth. The egg should be mixed with one teaspoon of olive oil and honey mix which will form a smooth paste that you will apply and let stay in the hair for around 20 minutes, rinse it with cold water and shampoo and repeat this once in a while and you will see great results.

Potato juice is another way to keep strong and get quick hair growth, although not very common, the juice from potatoes is very healthy and natural. The juice should be applied to the scalp for 15 minutes and then wash it off. This is one of the many home remedies for hair growth that really works. Also you need to play your part as the owner of the hair, make sure to trim the hair every 8 to 8 weeks, cut off the dead ends and the split ends to give room for more and healthy hair to grow. Always drink enough water; water is a common and one of the best hair growth supplements that is rich in minerals and vitamins to aid in hair growth. So if you are looking for some home remedies for hair growth, this is one affordable one and very simple.

Coconut milk is very rich in proteins, potassium and other essential ingredients and once applied to the hair it reduces hair shedding and breakage ensuring you get healthy growing hair within a short time. These are just some of the best home remedies for hair growth, they’re way more things you can do just using home ingredients on your hair, make sure always to seek for advice before trying out these natural remedies for excessive hair growth.