Natural Ways to Enlarge Breasts

Some women wish to have a larger pair of breasts than what they already have. Although, they always have the option of breast implants, most women don’t wish to go under the knife because it is considered to be invasive surgery, not to mention that its very expensive and can also have some side effects later on. Therefore, a large number of women choose to use natural ways to enlarge breasts, at least by two cup sizes. Some of the natural methods that can be used for achieving this goal are:

Natural Breast Enhancement Pills

One of the easiest ways for making breasts bigger is to use natural breast enhancement pills. Herbs and all-natural ingredients are contained in these pills, which increase estrogen production, contributing to larger breasts. Not only are these pills fairly inexpensive, they can be found at most nutritional and vitamin supplement stores. Depending on the body’s reaction to the pills, women will start noticing a change anywhere from two weeks to two months after they have started taking them.

Cream for Breast Enhancement

There are also a wide variety of all-natural breast enhancement creams available in the market these days, which have been specifically designed to enhance the breast size. A faster breast enlargement result can be seen when these creams are used in conjunction with breast enhancement pills. These creams are known to provide quicker results because they are absorbed by the skin directly rather than going through the digestive process like pills. Another way that can be used for stimulating growth is massage because it boosts the blood flow and circulation. Hence, when the cream is being applied, one should take time and massage the breasts with the cream, killing two birds with one stone.

Proper Diet

Breast growth can also be affected by the diet plan followed by women. Large amounts of estrogen can be produced in the body with soy and it is also a common ingredient in the breast enhancement creams and pills. Breast growth can be greatly increased if women incorporate soy in their daily diet plan. It is also recommended that dairy products such as rye, barley and wheat should be included in the diet because calcium is also known to encourage breast enlargement. Intake of fresh fruits should also be increased as this provides the body with the essential nutrients. Breast size can also be increased by eating fresh fish because it contains a known breast-enlarging nutrient called manganese.


Not only will your breasts be enlarged with exercise, but they will also have a firmer appearance. The look of your breasts is improved because exercise is beneficial for your posture. Your palms should be pressed together in front of your chest as hard as possible for about five seconds and then released. This should be done 10 times. Forearms should be grabbed in front of the chest and then pulled outward for five seconds without letting go. This should also be done 10 times. There are also arm exercises and push-ups, which are immensely helpful in breast enlargement.