Most of us are afraid of the sight we see in the mirror. However, if you are among the lucky few, you will discover beauty with event-toned smooth skin. For the rest of us, there is still a lot of wrinkles, sagginess, uneven pigmentation and redness that meet the eye. All of these are little imperfections which prove that our skin is a bit damaged. Extreme exposure to the sun wreaks havoc with our skin and leaves it looking imperfect. With the summertime nearly ending, now it is the right time to embrace the natural ways of helping your skin heal.

Tea is not just for tickling your palate

There are some things we absolutely love consuming which can be beneficial for the things we have never ever dreamed of. If you are a tea lover, you will be pleased to hear that the organic green tea can help you recover your skin. It is believed to be efficient when it comes to protecting the skin against sunburns. Nevertheless, if you still get sunburned, your favourite beverage will help speed up the skin regeneration and wound healing process. The tea calms the redness on your skin and has a soothing effect on it. Tea time, anyone?

Grab some oils to sparkle up

There are oils which can help recover your damaged skin in no time. Tamanu oil comes from a tropical tree nut and it relieves pain and inflammation. What you should do is apply it overnight and be amazed the day after, once you see that there are no traces of sunburns anymore. However, if you are in a remote area with no exotic oils, you could always find calendula oil which is wide-spread. It is completely natural and it can do wonders to your skin. The skin will get smoother and your burns and rashes will heal faster. The omnipotent coconut oil is good for everything and your skin is no different. It will help even the most difficult cases of sunburned skin.

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Its Herbal Highness – Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been known for hundreds of years as a wondrous herb. It also does magic when it comes to sunburns. You should apply it as soon as possible to reduce the damage and calm the burn. Find this herb in its purest form, because as such it can make your burns vanish completely. Apply it often and watch the sunburns disappear.

Change your diet, now!

Poor eating habits affect your skin too. Embrace a healthier diet and watch your skin get its natural healthy glow. Food rich in vitamin C will help your skin get the much needed collagen which is an absolute must when it comes to skin firmness. Ditch the junk food no matter how much your body is craving for it. Instead, you should increase the amount of water you drink every day. Go for at least 8 cups per day, if you want to have hydrated and glowing skin. If you are not sure whether you’re allergic to some food, tattoo removal professionals recommend using panthenol creams and gels.

Dealing with sunburned skin is harder than you might think, but you should not despair. The key to restoring the perfect healthy glow of your now damaged skin lies in your kitchen. Waste no more time and help yourself!