Those looking to bulk up and build a muscular, toned body are well aware that in order to achieve the desired goal they need to exercise regularly, intensely and also watch their diet. Supplements are a necessary part of this goal accompanied by rigorous training. Most of us are aware of protein supplements and its benefits. However, apart from protein, glutamine also is vital for the body.

Build your muscles

What is glutamine?

Our body is composed of various amino acids, 20 to be precise, and glutamine is one such amino acid that is most commonly found in the body. In fact, glutamine makes up for about 61 percent of the entire composition of muscle mass in the human skeleton. The chief ingredient of glutamine is nitrogen with its content being 19 percent in its entire composition. This indicates that glutamine is one of the primary transporters of nitrogen, a key and essential mineral, into and throughout the entire human body.

Role of glutamine in the body

Glutamine is an alpha amino acid and its chief role, like that of all amino acids, is to act as a building block in the synthesis of proteins. Glutamine is transported in the body via blood and plays a key role in protein metabolism. Also, during intense workouts, glutamine prevents the breakdown of the vital muscle tissue and in turn also helps in process of growth of body cells. Additionally, glutamine is required by our body in order to produce HGH or human growth hormone. This HG hormone helps promote tissue and bone growth and also metabolises the stored fat in the body thereby promoting growth of muscles. Thus, glutamine is a key component for those looking to lose their body fat without losing their muscle strength.

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The glutamine is provided by us into the body by consuming natural foods, such as spinach, cabbage, parsley, poultry, yogurt, beef and cheese, such as cottage cheese or ricotta cheese. However, these natural sources are not enough for those who want to build a muscular body and they must opt for the best glutamine supplement in order to provide the body with the required glutamine.

Benefits of glutamine for the body

  • Boosts the immune system

Glutamine helps the body produce cytokines which are small proteins that the white blood cells of the body releases to fight disease and infection. Thus, increase in glutamine content in the body increases production of cytokines, thereby increasing the body’s resistance against various diseases, especially bacterial diseases. The health of the intestines and in turn the immunity of the body is dependent on the glutamine levels of the body. Thus, glutamine in the form of supplement is especially important for athletes and those building a body since they need to boost their immunity.

  • Improves the healing time

In case of an injury or illness, taking glutamine can help speed up the time required for healing and for recovery by maintaining the cell volume as well as the hydration. This is especially true for those who have undergone surgery and chemotherapy. They are often prescribed glutamine supplements to speed up the recovery process.

Glutamine is important as a transporter of nitrogen and carbon and helps restore the energy levels of the body thus being highly beneficial for bodybuilders.