For most people going out of the homes, a bottle of drinking water would be sufficient to quench their thirst on most days. The height of summers might need an extra bottle and no more. But there are instances where it is a necessity to provide for a large amount of water, and something that cannot be carried around due to the heavyweight of stored water. Here is where the use of a portable water purifier comes to be handy.  It makes it possible to generate drinking water from raw sources of water and in quick time too.

Traditional Method of Water Purification – Boiling

One of the safest and sure method of purifying water is by boiling the liquid. But there are two drawbacks to using this method. The first is to find a heat source to heat the water and the second is the need to allow sufficient time to allow the water to cool down to drinking temperature most of the time.

Additionally, it takes fuel of some sort to produce the heat which can cause air pollution and is rather expensive too. There are a lot of instances where it is not possible to light a fire and alternative methods of purification of water need to be contemplated.

Filtering Vs Purification

Often people confuse the term water filtration with water purification. They are not the same by any count. Filtration is the process of passing the water through a mesh to remove material present in the water. It does a good job of it but for the viruses. The meshes that are usually used to trap the impurities are not small enough to stop the viruses from passing through.

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Purification, on the other hand, removes all manners of impurities from the potable water and in quick time too. In most cases, the system balances out the measure of dissolved minerals too thus making the water taste good as well.

Different Operating Principles of the Portable Water Purifier

●       Physical barrier

Here a filter is used to remove all the impurities that are present in the water. Most of the common portable water purifiers tend to be of this type most of the time. The pores of the filter are so small that it tends to block out any sort of living protozoa. Including the single celled viruses too!

One of the main features of the filter method is to have the element used to purify the water replaced from time to time. Some of the more sophisticated types of filters would have indicators on the sides to tell out the state of the filter elementThus the customer knows when it is time to change the filter for another. Fill2Pure NZ review stands out for the long life filter element that is found on the water purification bottles marketed by the company.

●       Chemical processes

A convenient method to purify water and something that is portable is to use a chemical additive to the raw water. This method succeeds in removing the smallest viruses and has proven to be rather reliable too. Most municipal water supply across the world uses a chemical process to remove the impurities. The common most processes being chlorination of the water.

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Now it might be natural to think that once chemical additives are put in the water, would the water then remain potable?  The chemical additives are so chosen that the rest of the chemicals drops down as a residue which is removed with a filter or simply allowed to accumulate as a sediment at the bottom of the tank. The water at the top of the tank is pumped out to people.

●       Ultraviolet light

When it comes to the portable water purifier, the solution afforded by the ultraviolet lights is one of the most innovative ones around. Unlike the chemical treatment, it does not leave a residue to be removed from the system.

This very process has been made possible due to the fact that it is possible to have very powerful sources of light; in the ultraviolet spectrum and at a reasonable cost and trouble. Most of the light used is 30-40 times the strength needed to kill off any kind of living organism. The water is then filtered out to remove any debris that might have been introduced.


As standards of living improve, peoples’ expectation of quality water starts changing. One of the strong points of introducing technology to treating water has been the rather innovative method of having a portable water purifier and all packaged into a small-sized offering most of the time.

Be it the frequent traveler or the simple school student; nobody can deny that a portable source of safe drinking water is rather convenient to have around. It helps from having to carry bottles of water to drink at any point of time.