If you’re serious about looking after your health and your mental well-being, you’ll be familiar with the idea of keeping yourself well-hydrated throughout the day. Yet despite the beneficial properties of plain old water – it aids digestion, metabolism, and cognition, and is also good for the skin – you may find yourself overlooking it for something more exciting or a branded water drink that’s full of big boasts as to the benefits of the artificial vitamins it contains. This can cause unnecessary inconvenience and expense when you consider that water itself is practically free (if you live in an area with good tap water), and its plainness actually lends itself to a potentially infinite number of variations.


Better still, these variations can be not only tasty but incredibly nutritious. Consider the Strawberry and Tangerine Metabolic Booster: add half a cup of sliced strawberries and the rind of a single tangerine to a liter of cold water, bring it to the boil, and then let it cool again – hey presto, a refreshing drink (you’ll want to strain the pulp) that’s packed with vitamin C. You’ll want to have it first thing in the morning to kick-start your whole system.


Or consider the Pineapple Detox: as the name suggests, its blend of fresh pineapple chunks and fresh mint will help rid your body of toxins while promoting weight loss. This one is best left to infuse overnight in the fridge – make plenty of it because you’ll keep on coming back for more! You’ll also find the kids crave it as an alternative to the sugary juice drinks that they usually reach for. And when you do get tired of pineapple, there’s plenty more recipes for you to try, in this delicious new infographic brought to you by Budget Direct Life Insuurance – something to be getting on with before you start inventing your own!

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