You can’t concentrate, you’re constantly having stomach “issues,” and you feel constipated more often than not… If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you have poor digestive health and are in desperate need of a full-body cleanse.

Just think of it like how you have to give your home a deep cleaning from time to time to prevent build-up of dirt and clutter… Well, your body needs that same type of deep cleaning as well. The foods we consume build up over time if we don’t exercise and eat a well-balanced diet, and our bodies have a unique, and sometimes “loud and clear” way of letting us know when it’s time to cleanse it.

But some people don’t always know when it’s time to cleanse their bodies, and that’s okay. It’s always a good rule of thumb to go on a juice cleanse at least once a month just to maintain and improve your digestive health regularly. But if you’re simply looking to cleanse on an as-needed. basis, here are some tell-tale signs your body will communicate with you to let you know that it’s time to go on a full-body cleanse.

Signs You Need to Go On a Full-Body Cleanse That You Don’t Want to Ignore

Lack of Concentration

Memory retention and concentration are known to slow as we get older but sometimes this phenomenon can happen much sooner than you hope. If you’re in the middle of your workday and your mind drifts off to something else, or you can’t seem to remember how to do a task that you do on a daily basis, going on a juice cleanse can unblock the build-up in your bloodstream going to your brain and allow blood to easily flow to your brain, improving concentration and memory.

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Body Odor

This particular topic can be a tough one… Not only does anyone want to admit that they have a body odor, but most people with body odors don’t even know they have a body odor until someone tells them, and that’s extremely embarrassing. Things like bad breath, toxic-smelling gas, and a body odor that won’t seem to go away, are all signs that your body is working too hard to fight toxins in your body.

Yes, your body has a natural detoxification system built-in, but it can only be as effective as what you put in your body. Continuously eating junk foods is only going to make your body more toxic, and once your body reaches a certain level of toxicity, your body’s detoxification system won’t be able to filter out everything. You’re going to have to go on a juice cleanse to clean your body out of all the toxins. This will then allow your body’s detox system to work effectively naturally.

See how your body reacts to the juice cleanse. If you don’t see a change in your body odors, it could be a sign of an underlying health condition that you need to see a doctor about. But in most cases, if you improve the health of your gut, your overall health will be improved as well.

Weight Gain

When your body is toxic, it tends to hold on to weight. Processed foods, alcohol, and greasy foods are all the things that make you gain weight, and the more you can keep these foods out of your body, the easier it will be to lose weight… but not until then, and going on a juice cleanse will help you easily shed those pounds.

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Exhaustion and Fatigue

You’ve heard people talk about “the it is” after eating fatty foods, right? The it is is a tired feeling you get after eating heavy meals that are usually extremely unhealthy. This sluggish feeling associated with junk and bad foods is common, and it’s a hard feeling to shake because not only is the food good, but the motivation to make changes to your diet is overshadowed by feeling so tired… but change has to come.

Even if it’s adding a juice cleanse as a meal replacement a few days out of the week, your body, digestion, and energy level will improve significantly.