How to Practice Yoga At Home

Yoga is a form of exercise that originated in India and is known to increase the heart rate and reduce the level of stress at the same time. Yoga has become renowned and is practiced widely because of its countless benefits that include increase in insulin sensitivity, stress and anxiety reduction and weight loss. Yoga is also an ideal way for people to remain fit and in shape because it improves flexibility and can be immensely useful

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as long as it’s practiced in conjunction with a balanced diet. There are various poses of yoga and previously people had to go to instructors to take classes in order to learn them. However, now it has become quite easy for people to practice yoga at home. As long as they follow the below mentioned steps on how to practice yoga, they can easily do yoga on their own:

  1. There are DVDs and yoga flash cards available nowadays that can provide plenty of instructions and direction, even to novices. Moreover, people can also establish a more organized routine if they use them. But, in order to keep your home practice fresh in every session, it is essential to buy more than one video.
  2. You also need to find a suitable place in your home where you can practice yoga easily. An open and quiet space will be needed for spreading the yoga mat. It is recommended that individuals practice yoga on hardwood floors. Nonetheless, if their home is completely carpeted, they should select the hardest surface for practicing yoga. Softer surfaces will increase the risk of injury in the joints, something that everyone wants to avoid at all costs.
  3. Pick such a time to practice yoga when either no one is at home or no one will bother you at. The biggest challenge for most people is finding time for yoga and that’s why many of them choose to practice it at home. Just ensure that such a time is chosen that one will not be distracted when practicing yoga.
  4. You need to set up your yoga space properly. Set the mood by either dimming the lights or lighting candles in the area you have chosen. Lay out your mat and also assemble any props that you may want to use during the session.
  5. Keep a towel and a bottle of water within each reach of your yoga mat. The towel is necessary for wiping off sweat and also for softening the yoga mat in certain poses.
  6. A regular yoga routine should be followed. Stretching is done to initiate most yoga classes before switching to positions that require strength. The body is kept in balance by maintaining each position in the opposite pose as well. The same basic pattern should be followed at home.
  7. Make your home practice a part of your daily routine. Try to come up with a regular schedule for indulging in yoga practice. You can do 15 minutes of yoga daily if you are doing one long session in a week. Doing yoga at home becomes easier in this way.
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