Marionette lines are commonly known as laugh lines but they are not really anything to laugh about. These lines are folds or creases that vertically run downwards from the mouth’s corners to the chin. The irony of marionette lines is that they are not actually a result of years of laughing.


They are usually caused by the natural process of aging that consists of a combination of losing skin elasticity and depletion of fat as well as other facial tissue within the skin. Genetics may also play an important role in developing marionette lines and their prominence. Individuals who are genetically vulnerable may start developing some folds or creases during their childhood.


Although there is no way to completely prevent marionette lines, you can slow them down through different ways. Preventative methods include the following suggestions.

Sleeping Position

Side and stomach sleepers are often susceptible to developing wrinkles on their face due to the pull of gravity during the night. The pressure is harsh around the nose and mouth. Consider sleeping on your back as often as possible. Position your pillow to prevent the lower portion of your face from touching it if you must sleep on your stomach or side.

Sun Protection

Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to the loss of skin elasticity and collagen, which are both crucial for preventing the development of marionette lines as a person ages. Use sunscreen, avoid sin exposure during the peak hours and wear brimmed hats when outdoors for a long period of time. Find out more about Marionette lines treatment Brisbane here.

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Chemicals in cigarettes can damage the skin and induce premature aging. Smoking cigarettes lead to the deterioration of collagen as well as reducing collagen production. Quit the habit to keep your skin and body feeling and looking its best.

Daily Skin Care

You can also prevent marionette lines by taking proper care of your skin with a consistent skin care regimen. It should be suitable for your skin type and includes daily moisturizers and products that contain ingredients such as vitamin C and peptides to restore skin elasticity and rebuild collagen.


Your diet can play a key role in your skin’s ability to resist the impact of aging. Dry skin is susceptible to forming lines and wrinkles. Stay hydrated to ensure that your skin feels and looks healthy.


For people who have marionette lines that are relatively prominent, there are various cosmetic treatment solutions that are effective and safe.


Fillers are injectable, non-surgical treatments that can instantly smooth wrinkles and lines. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to revive the skin and restore volume to create a youthful and plump appearance. Popular fillers add volume back instantly into the skin while using ingredients that stimulate collagen production over time.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can effectively minimise the appearance of wrinkles and lines for a more youthful and smoother appearance. They stimulate new collagen growth and strengthen the skin.


Micro-needling utilises a controlled level of damage to promote the creation of new tissue naturally. The natural healing process of the skin initiates collagen production that causes the skin to thicken and reduces wrinkles.

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