Protein World is a brand that produces various dietary supplements for weight loss. In this article, we will consider its effectiveness, possible side effects, and methods of use. As experimental samples, we took diet pills (fat metabolizer) and the meal replacement  – these are the most popular supplements from Protein World.


Benefits of Protein World


The obvious advantage that everyone expects from taking these supplements is fast weight loss. Protein World copes with its task, but not as you imagine. Let’s start with the fat-burning pills – they contain a lot of stimulants and … nothing else. This means that the only advantage of their use that you get is energy and vivacity, which will give you the opportunity and desire to move more and do sports. Eat one tablet, feel a surge of energy and go for a run, or to the gym. That’s the whole fat burning effect. Is it worth it to take some pills that contain a lot of caffeine just for the sake of going to the gym? Answer this question yourself.


So what about the meal replacement? The situation is the same. It has an excellent taste and it really suppresses the appetite for some time, which will save you from extra chocolates, French fries, and chips. But no more benefits for you.


The composition of this food supplement also contains many stimulants, but nothing useful. All these stimulants are aimed only at saturating the muscle tissue and your brain with energy. You will feel the desire to move, jump, run and swim. However, none of these stimulants burn fat. It all depends on your strength. Thus, taking a portion of this food supplement, you get the body’s protein, suppress the appetite and at the same time eat a huge portion of various stimulants of organic origin (which does not diminish their strength.

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Uses of Protein World


Fat-burning tablets should be taken several times during the day. You can do this after eating, before eating or before a visit to the gym. With their help, you provide yourself with an inflow of energy for an active lifestyle (without which weight loss is impossible in principle) and doing sports. Many consumers of fat-burning pills mistakenly believe that the whole point of the process is just their use and that’s all. This is a huge misconception. The only thing they give you is energy. Everything else you do yourself. The fat-burning Protein World pills do not work by themselves.


Protein World meal replacement is used to receive a precious protein and do not consume extra calories. Replace with it one meal per day. Remember that this food supplement should not be the basis of the diet and replace a full meal – it is designed to satiate you with protein and at the same time give a sense of satiation, nothing more.


Possible Side Effects of Protein World

According to customer feedback, the most common side effects are:

  • General deterioration of well-being. Most often manifested as weakness and lack of motivation.
  • Anxiety.Anxiety is a constant companion of stimulants since the nervous system cannot be in a constant tone without causing discomfort.
  • Diseases of the liver (this side effect occurs only with the prolonged use of the drug in large doses). Liver problems are caused by green tea extract, contained in Protein World meal replacement.
  • Deterioration of the cardiovascular system. The common side effect of stimulants. Since Protein World contain the huge amount of caffeine, this side effect is really wide-spread.
  • Insomnia. Another best friend of stimulants and low activity during the day. Since you take fat-burning pills, do sports at least 2 times a week.
  • Irritability. It is also a side effect of using stimulants in large quantities.
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