We get many questions about fit girls push ups! For women, push up is one of the hardest exercise. Many women find it difficult and switch from full pushups to half push-ups (on their knees). Since you do absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, because full push-ups are much heavier for a women! The big question is: how do you get from your knees to your toes? Here we have made a schedule so that your push up power significantly improves in just 6 weeks. You just need to train three times a week, about 10 minutes per day. Are you up for the challenge?

6 Weeks Push up Schedule

  1. This scheme is intended for fit girls who can do already good pushups on their knees. It’s a standard schedule, so if you find that your level is different, you can customize it. Listen to your body! If you find it too easy, you can skip a week and move to the next schedule? And if it’s too heavy, you just do a step back and repeat the same schedule again.
  2. You train three times a week: Monday / Wednesday / Saturday Or Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday. Be stronger than your excuses!
  3. It is intended that the exercises are very heavy! How to quickly build new muscle on. Go so deep and give it all you’ve got!
  4. Pushups you need: strength in the chest muscles, triceps and core. Therefore, this scheme consists of the exercises: (adjusted) pushups, triceps dips, and the board. A killer combination!
  5. Perform all reps extra slowly and deeply because this is the key to success. Never use any support or help, you do this for yourself.
  6. Take about 45 seconds rest between each set in order to catch our breath.
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What to wear

Either you choose to workout at home or gym, you need to wear comfortable clothes to perform your best. The shorts, and namely tank tops with deeper cut will be perfect to move on. Moreover, to knee sleeve are also important to have flexible moves. Knee sleeves are best comparisons for the rest of your environment. You can buy best quality knee sleeve from http://easyfitnessdaily.com/best-knee-sleeves/.

How it’s done

Using the pictures below, you can see how to perform the exercises. It is very important to tighten your abs well, during pushups. Make sure you are not having a concave back, and your ass is up! Do you feel awkward? It can help keep your hips active for tilting slightly forward. The height of the box does not come to a more centimeter or less. So it is not bad if your box a little higher or lower. You can also use a bench or step. Use the stairs or your bedrail but it must succeed.

Wall push up

Wall Pushups Exercise

Low box push up

Low box push ups

High box push up

High Box Pushups

Tricep dips

Tricep Dips Exercise


elbow-plank Exercise

Good luck and have fun! Bet how you will make progress in the coming weeks. You can also read more useful information at easyfitnessdaily.com for inspiration at the gym? Let’s break some sweat together!