A health risk is basically a factor that makes it more likely for you to contract any type of ailment or disease. As much as possible, health risks should be kept at the minimum, especially if you are already regularly taking prescribed medication for a certain disease. This not only mitigates the chances of the disease getting worse, but also significantly improves the prognosis of just about any type of disease. It is for this reason that patients are encouraged to start following a healthy lifestyle routine. These are but some of the best practices that most patients are highly encouraged to adapt.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Through:

1. Proper health diet.

From green leafy vegetables to Vitamin-C-rich fruits, food plays an important role in maintaining the general health of patients. The Chinese even have a medicinal philosophy about food, as they believe that every morsel you take in should be able to promote wellness. Improper health diet is one of the major factor causes health risk to your body.

2. Regular exercise.

And, of course, it is not only in the food that you take in that you should rely on to start going down the healthier route, as your body also has to become more physically active. Cardio exercises and strength training are the most proven-effective forms of exercises, which promotes well-being. Exercising regularly will refresh your mind and body and make you feel better in your appearance. Regular exercise will reduce your health risk and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Effective treatment without any delay.


If you have a disease that needs curing, would you settle for something as lengthy and unstable as step therapy? Most diseases require timing before the correct cure is administered. And, only doctors are qualified enough to ascertain the right time to do so. This is usually preceded by a doctor’s plan that includes a healthy lifestyle plan. If you continue to follow the doctor’s instructions, it won’t take long for you start feeling well again. Step therapy is different in that it only fosters the postponement of a cure because of its strict adherence to the health insurer’s plan.

4. Appropriate treatment at the correct time

Once you start feeling the significant improvements that a healthy lifestyle is sure to bring, it won’t be difficult for the doctor to know the best time to start treatment. Step therapy, on the other hand, takes on a brute-force-like stance, as it only focuses on administering drugs. For instance, if the Drug A didn’t work, then it’s time to move to on to Drug B, etc.: without a care whatsoever if the timing is appropriate.

While there is no question as to the benefits that a healthy lifestyle provides, it is still highly recommended for patients to consult their doctors first before they start adapting to it. This way, they not only would be able to consult their doctors for the best practices to follow but would be guided accordingly as they start doing so as well. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to follow the advice of a properly trained doctor. Can the same be said for health insurers who preach the “wonders” of step therapy?

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