The unpleasant thick skin you often find on your heels and toes is medically known as a callus. It is the direct response of the body to excessive pressure and friction. Obviously, other areas might be affected too, such as the elbows or the fingers. It depends what kinds of tools you deal with or what your job truly implies.
However, in most situations, people face these dead skin buildups on their soles and toes. Now, learning how to remove a callus on toe is not so complicated if you do your homework. You can use the classic pumice stone, as well as many naturist homemade recipes. There is also the professional remover, yet naturist choices are the least expensive options.

Apple Cider Vinegar against Calluses

Apple cider vinegar is an acid liquid. It softens the callus skin, which is both thick and hard. At the same time, vinegar will also prevent sweaty feet in the long run because it can balance the pH levels. Classic vinegar also works, yet the apple cider variety is more efficient.
There are two different ways to learn how to remove a callus on toe with apple cider vinegar. Just put a little of it in a bowl, then soak a cotton ball in it. Secure the respective ball over the callus before heading to sleep. Use a tape and perhaps a plastic bag too. Once you wake up, get the pumice stone and scrub the toe. The callus will go off completely in a couple of days. Vinegar also clears the connection between dead skin cells overnight, so scrubbing is piece of cake.
Another simple option implies leaving some bread in apple cider vinegar until you end up with a soft drink or a paste. Get it on the callus and secure it with some gauze. Once again, you should keep it overnight, then rub with the pumice stone.

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Lemon Juice against Calluses

Not sure how to remove a callus on toe? Lemon juice is acidic – just like apple cider vinegar. It will not hurt you in one way or another, but it can actually soften hard skin – like the one in calluses. You might want to use a moisturizer as well because acidic liquids tend to dry skin. Olive or coconut oils are perfect.
For this remedy, you require three tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of olive oil and a little baking soda (just enough to come up with a paste). Stir a little until you obtain an even paste. It should not be soft, but quite tick. You want it to stay on the callus. Leave this paste on the callus for around an hour before rinsing. Feel free to secure it in place with some gauze – hence the necessity of a thick paste.


In conclusion, learning how to remove a callus on toe is not such a complicated task, whether you rely on naturist solutions or you just purchase a professional remover. The professional remover works faster though.