When you want to improve your fitness level with a machine you will be often times recommended either a rowing machine or an elliptical machine. If you are training at the gym, you will, most likely, have the option of both machines. This makes an interesting case which will make you choose the best option for your improved fitness or even weight loss efforts.

Rowing machines

Rowing machines are a great choice if you are looking for a full body workout. It will engage your arms, backs, core and even legs. Because the machine engages so many large muscles, it is considered as one of the recommended options in terms of weight loss efforts or even in terms of general fitness maintenance. The cardiovascular machine offers a solid workout for all people and can consider as one of the top exercises you can do in a gym or at home to improve your cardiovascular health.

Elliptical machines

Elliptical machines are considered among the most interesting machines when it comes to a full body workout. Together with the rower, it can be recommended for people looking to lose weight or to simply improve overall fitness levels. This is why the machine can be a fantastic choice and you can find answer on DrenchFit.com Elliptical Machines. It works your upper body, your arms and your legs which enhance calorie burning. Looking beyond the visible muscles, the machine will also work to improve your cardiovascular health.

Which machine to choose?

If you go to a gym which only has one of these machines, then you will have no choice. But what if your gym has both machines, which one is better? When actually pursuing a total body workout, you will need to find the best solution for your needs.

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Choosing between these two machines can be difficult. Depending on your overall target, you can see very similar results. Since they will both work your whole body, the machines are perfect for muscle toning. However, some trends favor the elliptical when it comes to training as an athlete. On the other hand, most studies recommend the rower as the best machine in the gym. This is where you will need to make a choice.

The elliptical can work your upper and lower body from a standing position which might make maintaining proper posture easier. This is why many people with office jobs prefer this machine. The rower will find you in a sitting position where you will need to maintain a straight back position to limit possible injuries.

Choosing both machines

If you are new to fitness you are probably worried about the impact of the machines on your body. However, if you plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep going to the gym for years to come, it will be difficult to maintain motivation with a single full body machine. This is why an alternate approach can bring you the added benefits of both machines. Judging by the fact that you will have an increased freedom to choose your cardiovascular machine if you are not training with a personal trainer, the decision will be up to you.

So which is the perfect method for alteration? Your full body workouts can include different routines with every session. This is where the machine-changes can prove to be beneficial and this is where you will have the opportunity to change from the elliptical to the rower every time. This will also prove beneficial for your body as it will not allow it to adapt, presenting a bigger fitness challenge. Thus, combining the machines might be the best approach for most people.

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