Addictions in general terms mean constant undertaking of something that has dangerous side effects. When you get addicted to something, you cannot even think of surviving without it even for a day. Few drugs are highly recommended by consultants or doctors like Norco, OxyContin, Hydrocodone, and narcotic pain medications. At the initial stage, these were needed to get well from diseases, but slowly you will become habituated to them.


Reasons of getting addicted:


  1. Many factors lead to addiction, and that can be biological, environmental and social risk factors. Sometimes family addiction history, genes, depression or any other mental illness are the root causes of addiction.
  2. Doctors avoid giving a drug called opioids. However, in few cases, it is recommended. By taking this medication, the body stops producing body’s natural painkiller, i.e., endorphins. It results in continuous addiction of it to manage pain.
  3. Due to deterioration of nerve cells, it results in dependency on external drugs. Moreover, avoiding these drugs can cause body ache or other symptoms that are known as withdrawal syndrome.


Decipher of Painkiller Addiction


Addiction to painkiller medicine is a disease as it can cause a change in the chemistry of the brain. People think that they are not well due to withdrawal symptoms of drugs, so they continue taking it rather than getting proper treatment. Any change in the brain that results from continuous addiction is not in control of anyone.

Painkiller addiction in daily life


People are getting prone to medicine for a headache, fever, cold, and body ache without any consultation from any doctor. People prefer to go to chemist shop for purchasing them directly. Without proper dosage and consultation, they keep on taking it, and that results in painkiller addiction.

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Recovery treatment for painkiller addictions


Sudden halt of drugs can lead to withdrawal syndromes like headaches, diarrhea, discomfort, nausea, cramping, pain, eyes tearing, trauma, and bone pain. So, proper medication and care is required for fighting with these syndromes.

At Taylor Recovery Houston, they care and understand your problems. They will help you in fighting with your addiction problem and ensure that you start living a healthy life again.


Commitment and will play a vital role in overcoming the painkiller addiction. The first step towards overcoming is detoxification, i.e., clearing of unwanted drugs from the body. Social activities, care, and love from family and their support are beneficial in such cases. You will need an environment that provides you mental peace and motivates you to overcome dosages.


Prosperous, healthy life post addiction


You will find a massive transformation in yourself after relieving yourself from painkiller addiction. You will find new and refreshing power in yourself. There are always good and bad things linked to any problem. Good things always take time to show-up results. Never run for a quick fix. It is applicable for medicine addiction as well.

Be honest with yourself! You are the only one who can help yourself in coming out of this addiction. Help yourself for your loved ones! This change will not only gives you a happy and prosperous life but to your loved ones also.