Lose Weight By Hormonal Therapy
Lose Weight Without Exercise and Pills

Research has established that there is a relationship of gaining weight and the role of hormones. If the hormones are not well balanced, there is a possibility of experiencing body weight gain and a kind of sluggishness that can lead to performing of fewer exercises. The reduced physical activities of the body will increase the problem which will result in gaining weight. However, it is possible to overcome these problems by having a change of few habits and consequently being able to balance the hormones that will then lead to body weight loss. Read the below steps to master hormonal balance.


The study has found that people who go through stress tend to eat more food. Though this can be due to issues associated with emotions, most of the times it is caused by hormone Cortisol. The body releases the hormone known as Cortisol at the time you have the need for adrenaline a situation referred to as, ‘fight  or flight.’ For example, if you were in a situation that is dangerous and you are in need of energy to fight or flee from such danger there will be a release of stored glucose due to the hormone Cortisol, and you will have the strength to escape from the danger or punch as a defense mechanism. Once Cortisol has been released, you will find that you are exhausted and hungry which can lead to the taking of more and more food. Being able to control stress will result in balancing your hormones.


The thyroid can be said as a small gland found in your throat and is responsible for producing hormones such as thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Such hormones work increasing metabolism and will lead to burning more calories the whole day.  If the thyroid is not functioning as it should, it could result in a slowing of your body metabolism leading to gaining of excess body weight even if you have not changed your diet. There will be a feeling of sluggishness.

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Insulin is another hormone that can be responsible for gaining of body weight. If the pancreas has not produced enough insulin, the food that you take is broke down by the body into glucose then stored in the form of fats. If you can add exercises to a high protein diet, you would be able to fight and win this hormone.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women are different from men in that they can have children and also menstruate which is not the case with people. However, at the advent of menopause, they lose the ability as they are growing old. At his stage of life, the health of women is crucial. Even when they have reached menopause, they want to live long and healthy lives hence the reason for hormone replacement therapy. Bio-identical hormone therapy is hormone treatment regarding hormone deficiencies which are caused because a woman has reached menopause. It makes use of molecules that are identical to those that are already in the human body. Check this best method to lose weight using Get Well3 program and reap the benefits easily.