For small businesses to excel and beat the competition, a website is a must-have. Having a website will let you directly get in touch with your customers as well as sell your supplements on the internet. In this day and age where 88% of people research their purchase online before buying, how can you think of not having a website?

The biggest problem a small company faces is small business budgets. A website can be a costly venture if you hire a website developer and designer to do the work for you. Designers can charge anywhere from a whopping $500 – $2000 per website which is nearly impossible for a small business to acquire.

But believe it or not, designing a website is easy and something you can do even without any technical knowledge. Even people with small business budgets can set up a low-cost website that works wonders.

If you’re wondering how you can set up a low-cost website, keep on reading.

Find a Cheap Domain To Match Small Business Budgets

One of the first things you’ll need to purchase in order to get your website up and running is a domain. A domain is the address and name of your website which people will use to reach you. Instead of buying an expensive domain, try and purchase a fresh new domain which can be acquired for less than $10 a year.

Get It Hosted On An Affordable Server

If your website isn’t going to contain large video content, then you don’t need a server that provides you gigantic storage space. Stick to beginner friendly hosting packages which are no more than $7 a year. These hosting packages are ideal for business owners with small business budgets.

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Use Free Tools To Self-Design The Website

There are many tools on the internet that let you design a website without the technical know-how of developing languages such as Weebly. These tools are so easy to use that you can literally drag and drop stuff to create a website. Just make sure to find a free template that is meant for small business budgets.

Get Support From Professionals If You Get Stuck

Even with the free tools, there comes a time when your website will require support from expert developers. This normally happens when your site starts receiving a lot of readers or users. You can hire an expert developer using freelance platforms where these services can be acquired for very reasonable costs.

Provide Critical Information Through a Blog

A supplement store should have a blog where you can tell people about the benefits of using supplements. Write engaging content that educates people, such as ‘what supplements to use for a better workout’.

Promote Your Website

When you’re done creating your website, make sure to let your customers know that they can now do business with you through your website. Send email alerts, or start a Facebook page and let everyone know that you are now online. You should also consider spending some on online marketing and SEO. Normally this investment gets you a lot more than you spend in the long term.