The spread of the Corona pandemic has left people scared and worried about their health. The virus has affected millions of lives resulting in rising death tolls. That is why most people today are inclining towards improving their health to strengthen the immune system.
Besides, experts emphasize that physical activity helps in keeping emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy. Many people have incorporated gym training sessions in their routine to reap the benefits of working out regularly. But due to the current situation, most governments have instructed to close down public areas and administered lockdown. And fitness freaks are having a hard time staying indoors, away from the gym.
Moreover, staying at home has affected some people’s mental and physical health. Work-from-home has further reduced physical activity and made them idle, which has led to weight gain. Staying indoors can be emotionally draining, and sweating out can be the best weapon to combat negative feelings. Although the gym-equipment market has plenty of options, people are generally confused about selecting the most suitable equipment. Complicated and fancy machines not necessarily have good results. Instead, you may end up injuring yourself.
The following are a few of gym equipment that has guaranteed results and is worth the money:

Weider Ultimate Body Works

Modern homes do not have much space; hence, small compact fitness equipment is a better choice. Weider ultimate body works is a slim machine and give full upper and lower body workout. You can do up to fifty different exercises, which will help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and enhance your posture.

Ski Training Machine

Ski training machine offers cardiovascular workouts, which is beneficial for overall health. As the name implies, the ski training machine has movements similar to skiing and has little to no impact on joints. It requires coordination of arms and legs; you slide your legs on the platform, and your arms move along with the act. Ski training machine has proven to be effective in burning calories and helps you get rid of excess fat. Besides, you can only ski during the season, but if you do not have a fit body, the chances are that you will not be able to enjoy the experience. Getting a ski training machine at home will help you in getting in shape and improve your ski movements.

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Gold’s Gym XRS 50

Having a comprehensive strength training machine at home is ideal for keeping your body fit. Gold’s Gym XRS 50 has stations to work out every muscle of the body. It has multiple grip options, which let you target different muscles. The machine is not only durable, but it is also very user friendly. Gold’s Gym XRS 50 consists of high and low pulleys, a lat bar, a 4- roll leg developer, and an exercise chart that shows you correct positioning. The machine is easy to assemble and is reasonable.


A treadmill is amongst the most popular home exercise equipment. It is a good option for beginners as people usually can tolerate walking, even if they suffer from backaches. Treadmills come with different specifications such as speed, warm-up, cool-down period and incline option, and allows users to set them as per their desire. You do not need to have a separate room for it, as it can easily fit in any room. Modern treadmills have screen installed, and you can catch up on your favorite programs while sweating out.

Folding Exercise Bikes

Many people enjoy biking and are missing it during this period. Folding exercise bikes are an excellent alternative as it allows you to bike while staying homebound. Typically people prefer folding exercise bikes over other equipment as they can quickly put it away after using it. These bikes usually have eight levels of resistance and can get intense at higher levels. Biking is excellent for lower body workout and helps in toning leg muscles.

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Steelbody Power Tower

High-quality steel and thick padding allow you to perform a wide variety of best exercises at home on the steel body power tower. The equipment does look unusual but is very convenient to use. Its comfortable armrests and handles enable swift movements, and users can adjust pushup bars as per their height. Steel body Power tower does not require much brain for assembling, and you can place it in one of the corners of your home.

Total Gym 1400

If you want a compact and versatile body exerciser, Total Gym 1400 will be the right pick. It enables users to indulge in up to sixty different exercises, targeting significant muscle groups of the body. The equipment features a bench, which is adjustable. Total Gym 1400 is excellent for new as well as experienced users, and it is suitable for all fitness level people.


Exercise has innumerable benefits, and experts say that people of all age groups should indulge in physical activities to stay fit. Most of us are homebound these days, but staying home does not mean that you remain inactive. Having gym equipment at home is convenient as it gives you the liberty of working out at any hour, without stepping out. The epidemic has turned routines upside down, and people find no motivation to workout. Getting versatile gym equipment, like ski training machines, will encourage you to buckle up and start doing exercise.