Parents understandably may feel that they practically live at the doctor’s office at various times throughout the year, and this is particularly true if you have multiple children. After all, an illness or injury from an accident may result in multiple doctor appointments. These types of appointments are not the only reason to visit a doctor’s office. You also need to take your children to multiple well-checks to ensure optimal health and well-being over the years. These are some of the more common types of well-checks that your children should receive.

Regular Oral Hygiene Exams

Once your children’s permanent teeth come in, your children will need regular oral hygiene exams somewhere like Williams Landing Dental Clinic. These exams are intended to clean teeth and to look for signs of damage, such as cavities that need to be filled. In addition, a dentist can use a fluoride treatment, seal the teeth and more to protect them from unnecessary damage. Children should receive these dental exams twice per year.

Annual Well-Checks

When your children are young, they may need multiple well-check exams throughout the year. After the age of two, most children will only need one annual exam. During these general wellness exams, their height and weight will be checked to ensure that it is within the normal or healthy range. Vaccines may be administered as needed, and developmental progress will be reviewed.

Periodic Orthodontic Checks

Older children, pre-teens, and teens may benefit from periodic orthodontic appointments. The orthodontist may monitor the progress of teeth as they erupt, and he or she may recommend early treatment. Early treatment may reduce the amount of time that a child needs to wear braces or use other types of corrective treatments.

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Annual Eye Exams

Many parents overlook the importance of eye exams, and they may only seek optometric care when their children show significant signs of vision issues. However, even minor changes in vision can cause headaches, difficulty in school and more. Get in the habit of taking your children to the optometrist annually.

You understandably want your children to be healthy and happy throughout childhood and into adulthood, and your attention to their health and well-being is essential to accomplishing this goal. Remember that regular healthcare in each of these areas may identify developing issues early so that they can be properly treated before a serious health issue develops. Assess your children’s current need for each of these types of wellness exams, and make an appointment today.