Back pain may be dull and constant or sharp and sudden. This type of pain often makes it difficult to move around normally. It may start rapidly if you overexert yourself or fall and worsen gradually. Virtually anyone can be affected by back pain but certain factors make you more susceptible to developing the condition.

back pain

Causes of Back Pain

  • Among the risk factors for back pain is getting older. As people get older, they are more likely to get back pain.
  • Lack of physical fitness also increases the risk along with excessive weight. Being overweight strains the back and causes pain.
  • A genetic predisposition to certain forms of arthritis can cause you to have back pain.
  • If your job requires you to carry out strenuous activities such as heavy lifting, you may end up with back pain.
  • Lifestyle habits such as smoking adversely affect your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, which can led to back pain. A persistent cough that is linked to coughing also contributes to back pain and if you smoke, you may need more time to heal from the pain.
  • Back pain is caused by various factors, including mechanical issues such as ruptured discs that affect the functionality of your back. Back pain may be caused by injuries and diseases.

Preventing and Managing Back Pain

  • Back pain can be prevented or managed by exercising often and strengthening your back muscles.
  • You can also keep back pain at bay by losing weight if are overweight or obese. In order for you to have strong bones, a healthy and nutritious diet is vital.
  • Maintain good posture and avoid overexerting yourself if you can. If you need to do any heavy lifting, keeping your back in an upright position is recommended.
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Back Pain Remedy- Muscle Release Oil

You should consider a natural remedy such as muscle release oil to reduce back pain if your back is numb or the pain is severe. Treatment is also required for back pain that occurs after an injury or a fall. Acute back pain begins weekly and typically lasts for less than 2 months. Chronic back pain usually lasts longer and is not as common as acute pain.

Back pain treatment is determined by the type of pain that you are dealing with. You can use muscle release oil as a natural pain relief solution to ease the discomfort. The oil is a popular solution for soothing stiff and sore backs. It reduces swelling and addresses pain that is felt deeply within the back. Using a blend of natural oils relieves pain effectively.


Exercise is recommended for chronic pain and you need to find out which exercises are ideal for you. Muscle release oil is a natural topical analgesic that is gently rubbed on to the skin where the pain is felt. Learn how to carry out various activities without straining your back. Make sure you stretch before you exercise, and get enough rest. A healthy lifestyle can minimize back pain.


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