A balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Pain occurring due to spinal stenosis can also be relieved with the help of a balanced diet, being physically active and by managing your weight and posture. According to Santa Monica spine surgery specialists, a balanced diet for spinal stenosis should provide strength to the ligaments and muscles, especially in the back.

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In spinal stenosis, the bones and ligaments degenerate and at times compress the spinal cord and other nerves present in the spine. Basically, it affects the lower back and the neck. Another aftereffect of compression of the spinal nerve is a tingling sensation and weakness from the shoulders and the neck to the back and legs.

Essential Carbs and Fats

Healthy weight means a healthy spine. Many spine problems, including spinal stenosis, can be avoided with the right weight. Making changes to your diet can help you relieve the stress and strain on your spine but for more severe problems you may need to opt for medication or consult specialist for spine surgery. Controlled weight is helpful in relieving the numbness and pain in the leg and back during your daily routine.

A balanced diet consisting of complex carbs is essential for your spinal health. These carbs can be found in low-fat foods like oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, fruits, vegetables and legumes as they contribute in increasing your energy without adding to the weight. You can take advice from your family physician or a nutritionist for a balanced diet chart.

Promote Protein

Proteins are very necessary for your well being. Proteins can be added in your diet through foods like poultry, fish and beef. Nuts and dairy are also rich in proteins. Proteins are essential for the development of muscles. The amount of protein required differs from person to person. Your protein needs may vary according to your age and activity level. To manage your weight, it is best to choose lean proteins, with extra fat trimmed off. As far as chicken is concerned, you should always use skinned one.

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Vital Vitamins and Minerals

One of the major causes of back pain is inflammation. Including anti-inflammatory foods in your diet is of utmost importance. Vitamins and minerals are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory foods. Citrus, orange and yellow vegetables and fruits, dark green vegetables, beef and poultry and other milk products are vital for reducing inflammation. These food groups are packed with vitamins A, C and D, B-complex and calcium.

Fruitful Fluids

It is advised by nutritionists to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Intake of fluids is very fruitful for you if you want to reduce and relieve back pain. It is essential because fluids keep your spinal discs hydrated. These discs sustain cushioning between your vertebrae and ease the movement in the joints of your spine and reduces the pain caused by spinal stenosis.

To intake a healthy dose of fluids, you can drink a number of beverages, but water is the best of all. You can also choose to drink other beverages which are low-fat and low-calorie. However, it would be beneficial to intake more natural fruit juices instead of alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Fizzy drinks should be completely avoided.

Nevertheless, it is better to see your doctor to know more about the spinal stenosis and other pains in the back because not all pain may be cured naturally. In case, you need spine surgery in Santa Monica, then you need to be extra careful about your diet and physical activity.