From styling to blow drying hair, your strands can take a beating due to excessive heat and products that are applied. Over time, it can be easy for the hair to look dry and dull. When you’re ready to revamp your hair and keep it healthy in any circumstance, there are a few important tips to follow.

Staying Stylish

Avoid Over Washing

According to, it’s important to stick to washing your hair once or twice a week. Washing the hair too frequently strips it from its natural oils and moisture, which can cause it to become dry and brittle. Leaving the natural oils in the hair during the week will moisturize it and will protect it from damage.


Purchase a Quality Shampoo

When washing your hair every few days, it’s important to use a quality shampoo that doesn’t contain a long list of chemicals. Avoid using a shampoo product that contains sulfate, which can strip the dye and color out of your hair and can make it easy to redye it too often. According to, a pre-shampoo will also prove to be effective, which seals the hair’s cuticle before it gets wet for less damage. Rely on dry shampoo or baking soda to get through the days when you don’t wash your hair to prevent the roots from looking oily.


Get Weekly Scalp Treatments

Weekly scalp treatments will prevent inflammation and irritation due to dirty roots, which can cause hair loss over time. Scalp treatments are more effective than cleansers with cleansing the hair and making it look beautiful. You can also use services through companies like New Generation Hair to help you determine if there are other causes of the hair loss and how to increase the texture of the hair through dietary changes or hormone therapies.

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Avoid Overusing Styling Products

Hairspray, mousse, and gel can all cause too much product build up in the hair, which can lead to damage. Avoid overusing different styling products to keep the hair fresh. It’s also important to avoid using too much heat when curling or straightening the hair. Opt for sleeping in rollers and air drying your mane when you want extra waves.


When you want to keep your hair healthy and happy, there are a few ways to increase its shine and prevent breakage. With the right tools and habits, you can refresh your hair and allow it to look vibrant again.