As you should already know, your teeth are not going to last forever. Once your teeth are gone, they’re gone for good and you’ll be required to wear dentures. Simultaneously, it is important to realize that poor oral health can also contribute to wider, more drastic problems. With this in mind, it is in your best interest to go above and beyond to keep your teeth, gums and tongue in good condition. Below, you will find surprising tips for maintaining good oral health.

Good Oral Health

Watch What You Drink

Most people realize that everything they eat and drink will impact their body one way or another. Simultaneously, it is important to remember that these items can impact you, before they’re even swallowed. Soda and energy drinks contain a lot of acids that can negatively impact the surface of the teeth. The fizz of the soda is great, but it can also cause significant damage to your teeth. Drinking a soda occasionally will usually not be a problem. However, you should do your best to avoid becoming a habitual drinker.

Instead, make the switch to water!

Brush Correctly

You should already realize the importance of brushing your teeth. Failing to brush is going to result in major problems very quickly. Nevertheless, you must also remember that there is a major difference between brushing and brushing correctly. Believe it or not, some people actually damage their teeth and gums by brushing too roughly or incorrectly. Make sure your toothbrush is held at a 45-degree angle. Also, brush gently and use short, circular swipes. Avoid brushing too aggressively or too much. Each tooth should be brushed ten to fifteen times max.

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Avoid Those Delicious Candies

Delicious candies are great, but they can unfortunately cause significant damage to your teeth. Most candies are delicious, because they contain a large amount of sugar. It is the sugar that can turn your mouth into a complete mess and lead directly to tooth decay. This is the case, because sugar actually stimulates the growth of bacteria and acidity. In return, this allows plaque to form and begin chipping away at the teeth’s enamel. If you’re been eating a lot of candies, you’ll want to stop and put a limit on this activity. You should also consider visiting a dentist in Surrey, BC.

Again, if you’re going to eat candy, you should do so cautiously. Do not overindulge or you’ll wind up regretting it in the future. Simultaneously, you should consider switching to sugar free alternatives.

Acquire More Dairy

Another thing to remember is that certain foods can actually protect the teeth. If you want to keep your choppers as white and healthy as possible, you’ll want to consider adding far more dairy to your diet. Cheese and milk are great for your teeth! Dairy products are capable of shielding the teeth from the acids that are produced by bacteria. In return, this helps to decrease the potential for future tooth decay. If you’re going to eat candies during the holidays or on your birthday, be sure to wash it down with a little milk!