It’s that beautiful time of year again. The leaves are starting to change, and the temperature is finally cooling down. The kids are back to school which leaves little time to spend as a family in between homework, sports, dance class, cheer practice etc. To make room for some family time, you’ve scheduled a camping/hunting trip for the weekend. Before trekking out into the woods, now is a great opportunity to teach your family basic survival skills and the tools that can keep them safe.

Survival and Pocket Knives

A great place to start is with basic survival tools like survival knives or pocket knives. A simple tool that has so many survival-related functions. There are multiple options when it comes to survival knives. A fixed blade knife will be more reliable than a knife that has a joint, making it weaker. A knife with a full tang, on the other hand, is typically very reliable because the blade and handle are constructed from one continuous piece of metal.

Pocket knives, on the other hand, tend to have multiple tools. The three different types of pocket knives include: jack, pen and multi-purpose knives. A jack knife, the most basic of the three, typically consists of only one blade. A pen knife holds between 2-3 blades and has a hinge on both ends. While the tools on a multi-purpose knife can vary, the most popular include: a screwdriver, scissors and a can opener.

There are many survival-related functions you can teach your family. A knife can be used for more than just cutting and slicing. When spending time outdoors, your knife can help with digging, splitting, self-defense, first aid, food prep, shelter building, fire making, hunting, prying, signaling and hammering.

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When shopping for a firearm, a great place to start is a good shotgun. With such a wide range of loads available, the shotgun is probably one of the most versatile choices. In addition to being a formidable home defense weapon, a good shotgun can be used to hunt pigeons, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, deer and wild boar.

Another great choice for a survival handgun is a .22 pistol. It is easy to carry a lot of ammo for this handgun, and it can prove to be very useful for self-defense when you’re in a pinch. .22 pistols come in both semi-automatic and the revolver format. When choosing which .22 you will purchase, make sure that accuracy is one of your primary considerations.
Once you have this assortment of knives and firearms and have become proficient in their use, you will be ready for any outdoor survival situation. If providing survival guidance and tools is the focus of your business or future business, don’t let the high risk categorization of online gun dealers stop you. Online firearm sales is considered to be high risk and is a difficult sector to find payment processing for. By applying for an online firearm merchant account from a high risk provider, your business will secure the payment processing it needs.