At one point, braces used to have a bad look for those who used them during the latter part of the 20th century; namely, being associated with the term “metal mouth”. However, the history of braces actually trace back to the ancient Egyptian times, when metal plates such as gold, silver, and aluminum were used to wrap around each tooth in order to straighten both upper and lower sets of teeth.


Nowadays, having braces isn’t shunned anymore and people have been more accepting. That is also because our modern orthodontists have improved braces to be more lifestyle-fitting. If you are considering getting braces, we have some reasons to convince you why they are beneficial in life.


1.) They improve your bite

With the aid of braces, it will be easier for you to achieve a symmetrical face that ultimately improves your appearance. Neglecting this issue can cause long-term effects, especially on your jaw joints. In fact, seemingly minor problems can lead to several types of misalignment issues. Namely:


  • Overbite – when your upper set of teeth is more prominently forward than your lower set. This misalignment issue will cause your upper lip to jut forward and your chin to look sunken.
  • Underbite – when your lower set of teeth is more prominently forward than your upper set. Thus, creating a “moon face” with the appearance of a longer chin.
  • Open bite – this shows when you cannot completely close your teeth, as it always has an opening that can cause the upper lip to jut out.
  • Crooked teeth – even two misaligned teeth can make you conscious about your smile, especially when they’re in the forefront. With braces, this can be corrected to improve the alignment of both lower and upper sets of teeth.
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2.) Easier teeth cleaning

With teeth misalignment, cleaning its nooks and crannies can be quite difficult. There will be some areas that are hard to reach which can become a place for bacteria and can lead to tooth decay. This certain problem can be fixed with braces and cleaning your teeth will then become a breeze.


3.) Better oral health

Crooked teeth can offer a safe haven for bacteria to flourish and this means that your oral health is a risk. This can ultimately lead to tooth decay, halitosis, periodontal issues, and other diseases such as:


  • Respiratory infections – when bacteria from your infected teeth and swollen gums are inhaled into your lungs or have traveled towards it through your bloodstream, this can end up in respiratory infections such as acute bronchitis, pneumonia, and COPD.
  • Cardiovascular disease – poor oral health will put you at risk for heart diseases.
  • Dementia – when bacteria from your gingivitis enters the bloodstream through the nerve channels, this could lead to an inflamed infection that can kill brain cells and cause memory loss.


With braces, you can keep the nasty bacteria at bay from entering your bloodstream and can keep the rest of your body clean and healthy, starting from your mouth.


4.) Ease in communicating

Speaking involves different areas of your body including your tongue, jaw, lips, vocal cords, and teeth. Some people suffer from difficulty in speaking due to their overcrowded or misaligned teeth and this can affect the way they pronounce words that others can do so without a problem. Through braces, your teeth can be fixed in order for you to improve your speech and give you a boost when speaking to other people.

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5.) Stunning smile

A poor bite and crooked teeth can greatly affect a person’s self-esteem by prohibiting them from smiling or showing their teeth due to their poor appearance. With braces, this misalignment can be corrected and straightened within a period of time. Next thing you know, you can’t wait to be flashing your stunning smile once your braces have been removed.


A lot of individuals don’t know just how important our teeth are and how they affect our overall health, speech, and how we carry ourselves. By fixing your teeth problems with braces, you will surely feel more confident and empowered to socialize and smile more.