Do you have elderly parents who live at home alone and you worry about them falling and nobody being around to help? Do you have elderly parents want to enjoy the lifestyle and the independence they are accustomed to? In such a situation, you would like to have the peace of mind that a medical alert system provides you with the 24 hours monitoring.

Life Links Response is a leader in medical alert systems and senior safety products. With this medical alert system, you and your parents can enjoy peace of mind and the security you deserve.

Medical Response System for Seniors

How to Use?

With a simple press of the help button, which can be worn as a bracelet or a pendant, our care centre coordinator will directly connect over the two-way voice speaker of the system. They assess the situation in emergency and immediately dispatch the ambulance and call your loved ones. The help button is lightweight and waterproof. It can be worn even in the shower. It has a range of 600 feet from the main system, providing coverage in and around the home.

How Can Seniors Avoid Falls?

Falls do happen. When in an emergency occurs, the first few seconds are critical. So, getting assistance promptly is, therefore, important to preserve the quality of life. The life link response is the fastest, most reliable and easy to use medical alert response system.

Older adults, living alone, are often unable to get help during an emergency which may mark the end of their independence. 90% of the people who get help within 1 hour of emergency recover very well and continue to live independently.

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Falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths for seniors alone. The life link response also has the solution for this problem that provides your loved ones with the peace of mind and safety. They have three options available.

  1. One option is the ‘Standard Medical Alert System’ with 2-way voice. It uses your existing medical line for 2-way voice communication. This option comes with a wireless, waterproof button that works in and around the home.
  2. The second option makes use of ‘Mobile Technology.’ If you do not have a home landline, then it is not a problem now. Their 3G cellular network system has the built-in cellular communicator and has the same 2-way voice communication.
  3. The third option is the portable ‘GPS Medical Alert System.’ It is light in weight and works where there is cellular coverage. You can take it for shopping when you visit friends and also get it along while you are travelling. In an emergency, just press the help button and our care centre will locate you via the GPS and will send help directly to you.

The 24-hour care centre of life link response is on standby 365 days a year. It is easy to set up and ready to use in seconds. It does not involve complicated installations, no setup fees, and no long-term contracts.