Chia seeds are nutritious, and this is not our personal opinion; instead, various sources online have acknowledged their healthful value. Although they are quite small in size, they bring an abundance of nutrients and minerals to the table.

In the following guide, we have summed up the best times to take chia seeds as per experts. Moreover, we recommend you do your own widespread research as well and, most importantly, never misjudge the suggestions of your doctor.

Which Time Is Best to Eat Chia Seeds?

In the Morning

A source has regarded having chia seeds first thing in the morning as the best time for their consumption. This is primarily effective for human beings who are looking for a means to lose weight. These seeds consist of fiber which gives a feeling of fullness to whoever eats them. Therefore, if you are eating these seeds in the morning, you will demand less food throughout the day.

Moreover, this is an apt strategy for those who want to avoid overeating. For breakfast, you can add chia seeds to a yogurt bowl or smoothie.

Before Workout

Their richness in protein and carbs makes them an effective choice for athletes. You can consume some of these seeds before working out for an energy boost. Moreover, they also aid in maintaining the boosted energy, which is perfect for intense physical activities.

Chia seeds comprise a multitude of nutrients like calcium and potassium, making them the perfect source of bone and muscle strengthening as well.

In the Afternoon

Many households avoid heavy meals during afternoons or even evenings and opt for snacks instead. No worries, chia seeds have the ability to shine in various snack recipes as well. If baking is your thing, you can add ground seeds instead of flour.

Furthermore, for preparing a drink, you can either simply add water to chia seeds or consider fruit juice for soaking them. You will also find chia seeds energy bar recipes online for a healthy bite.

At Night

Most people are highly conscious of eating anything before bed. Many of you avoid consuming even a snack at all costs. However, in the case of chia seeds, you should feel free to take some. As per a source, there is no harm in doing so. Alternatively, these seeds comprise melatonin which is a sort of hormone that aids in the regulation of the sleep cycle.

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Therefore, if you eat chia seeds before bedtime, you will experience better sleep quality and less insomnia.

Any Time of the Day

According to the experts, any time of the day is fine for taking chia seeds. You might have already read the various time slots we mentioned above. Therefore, there are no time boundaries. All you have to do is avoid overeating chia seeds just like any of your favorite snacks or meals.

It has omega-3 fatty acids, among many other minerals, appropriate for improving your health.

Is It Better to Eat Chia Seeds before Bed or in the Morning?

Yes, as we already stated, both these times are best to eat chia seeds. If you take them before bed, they will help in boosting your sleep cycle. Moreover, they prove good for breakfast as well and aid in losing weight healthily.

What Is the Ideal Time for Soaking Chia Seeds?

According to a source, it only requires 5 minutes to soak chia seeds in water and form a gel. However, that source recommended 20 minutes for this process. Besides, another article cites overnight soaking as the best approach.

Can We Drink Chia Seeds in Empty Stomach?

Yes, you can drink chia seeds on an empty stomach; actually, this is a good habit. They comprise essential elements, including protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, which provide plenty of health benefits. You can improve your digestion and give yourself a feeling of fullness if you consume these seeds before anything else.

How to Eat Chia Seeds for Best Results?

To obtain the best results, you should soak chia seeds in water for around 20 to 30 minutes. One source has stated a recipe that encompasses adding 40 grams of these seeds in 1 liter of water. Besides, you can squeeze an orange or lemon as well as add chopped fruits to enhance the flavor.

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How Many Spoons of Chia Seeds per Day?

The intake of two tablespoons of chia seeds is enough for a day, particularly when you are new to this diet. We have also read five tablespoons per day somewhere. However, excessive quantities are never good for your body.

How Do You Remove Phytic Acid from Chia Seeds?

You need to soak chia seeds in order to reduce the acid content. This is because the phytic acid is soluble in water. Once you soak, it can seep into the water.

Can I Eat Chia Seeds at Night?

Yes, you can because they can help you sleep and fight insomnia; just avoid overeating.

How to Eat Chia Seeds Safely?

You can sprinkle chia seeds into various dishes, whether in breakfast or salads. However, a source has warned not to eat them in raw form. Additionally, you can add these seeds to soups, stews, crackers, bread, and beverages.


Organic Chia seeds have various nutritious benefits, and you can eat them at any hour of the day, whether it is morning, afternoon, evening, or night. However, each moment has its own significance. For instance, if you are willing to eat them in the early morning, chia seeds can assist in your weight loss regime. You will then sense less hunger because of the amount of fiber in these seeds.

Moreover, afternoon and evening are the times when you crave snacks the most, and guess what? Chia seeds are ok to add to different snack recipes. For night meals or dinners, you can try taking these healthy seeds to improve your sleep cycle.

Last but not least, the experts do not recommend overeating chia seeds as they can lead to health issues instead of improvements. Just around two tablespoons is highly adequate for a day.