While it is true that you will be able to get the body mass or muscles that you are hankering for even if you follow a potentially unsound and unsafe training regimen just because you have age on your side, it is quite likely that the mistakes you are making will catch up with you later and make your life miserable. Some of the top training blunders to avoid:

Not Warming Up and Stretching Properly

Warming up is extremely important for fitness and good health. It serves to elevate the pulse rate, increases the temperature of the body, and boosts the blood flow and level of oxygen in the body; thus preparing you for the strenuous exercises to follow. Stretching exercises also prepare the muscles, soft tissues and joints to avoid receiving trauma of sudden exercise. Warming up and stretching are different, and warming up should always precede the stretching exercises; the combined effect prepares the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and the skeletal frame for the weight training exercises that follow.


Training with Too Much Weight

Even though progressively adding more weight is an effective way of building your muscles and strength, it is also not without health hazards. It is quite likely that when young bodybuilders start lifting very heavy, they will have to deal with chronic injury later on.The body’s ability to progress or even recover will slow down with age, and if you do not customize your training program and keep on increasing weight, it could spell disaster for your health. If you want to train lifelong, you should not lift weights that are too heavy but include periods of training with less weight but with increased volume after training cycles that are high-intensity. If you want to boost your nutrition, you can explore best prohormones for sale net.

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Too Many Sets and Reps

The number of sets and reps that are optimal for you will depend on your nutritional status, training experience, and of course, genetics. There are many lifters who respond far better to a moderate number of reps of a large number of sets than doing heavy lifting all through. Not only does high volume training help to build muscles faster but also considered to be a safer method of training. Too many sets and reps, or junk volume, as it is known, creates a lot of stress on your joints and tendons, especially when the pattern of the movement gets repeated. The training stimulus also starts yielding diminishing returns. It is usually far better to progressively increase the number of sets per week over the duration of the training cycle.


Since the entire purpose of training is to achieve a better fitness level with the desired muscle build over your entire life, you should always structure your training in such a way that you do not end up overexerting your body. Include a variety of exercises and avoid training that puts your body at risk of damage. Take guidance from a professional coach so that you can achieve the desired goal.